Evolution Path

There is no other way and it is open to everyone, because it is within us, but the desire must be honest,
before you make the most difficult - first step.

Evolution Path

The God, light, thought, monad, atom, mineral, stone, plant, lowest animal, higher animal, person-animal, person, person-spirit, spirit and God

One Bible day is equal 4.32 billion years. Each such day consists of fourteen manwantaras and one Satya-yuga. As we are now only in the Kali-yuga of the twenty-eighth age of the seventh manwantara.

A monad (the being plan for development, his seed) lives on one planet. From the unconscious animal having the form of the person, there was a convergence process of an astral monad into a matter, bodies were being compacted and have appeared about 18 million years ago, at the time of Lemuria.

14 million years ago the Atlantis was born, 7.8 million years ago the Aryan race was born. We live when the process of the outcome of the solid matter was starting. And rare representatives from the Indigo race is begin incarnated.

Third world war

covid war

The third world war is the battle for human souls, and its danger consists in everyone takes part in this war. «Very many agreed to change their Divine essence by going through the procedure of so-called vaccinations. In fact, this was a rejection of the God-given image. Consent to change the structure of DNA. The rejection of the Divine code. People voluntarily renounced their likeness to God...

An appeal to the citizens of the USA


But we Russians are not going on anyone with war, only your actions and thoughts have long created for your own society so many problems that God is talking about the existence in the world, such continent as America.

Horoscope of Jesus Christ


Almost all astrologers accept the calculations of the astronomer Johannes Kepler, who calculated that the birthday of Jesus was in the 7th year BC Let's check if it is so.

Opening Chakras


Many people try to improve their health using various methods of yoga, occult practices: kundalini, chi-gun, the opening of chakras, etc. And they are completely reckless of consequences and serious dangers.