This map of the United States has Asc in 9 degrees of Gemini
Date published: 10/10/2010

Astrological chart of the United States of America

Hello friends. This article is for those who like astrology. I want together with you to clarify one theme clear from the title, because there is no objective astrological chart of the USA.

“Astrologers work a little but strive to earn a high reputation by creating charts, rectify the present one. When a speculative chart made it may find ephemeral historical confirmation which is based on rumors and the cases of following rectification are used of a well-known principle if you use a sufficient number of factors any horoscope can be used to prove any hypothesis”. Nicholas Campion.

USA horoscope by Sibley

It is difficult not to agree with this statement. And so let's just lean on the previous experience, the historical facts, the principles of astrology and common sense. Most people say that it makes no sense to challenge the horoscope by Ebenzer Sibley, which was first published in 1787, with Asc is in the 13th degree of Sagittarius on the 4th of July in 1776. 90% of astrologers we believe use this chart.

chart of USA by Ebenzer Sibley
The chart of USA by Ebenzer Sibley

But there is a lot of doubt about the information in this chart, as a chart of the horoscope at a state must precisely describe the nature of its population and principles of statehood. U.S. Independence Day is an important date, which we will talk about below, but why not use the date of the beginning of the revolution on the 19th of April in 1775, or the date of independence Mecklenburg County in North Carolina from Britain on the 20th of May in 1775. Why wasn’t selected the date of independence as a result of military defeat of Britain on the 17th of October in 1781. Why not use the date of the signing of the peace treaty on independence of the United Kingdom North American colonies on the 3rd of September in1783.

All these charts are contrary to the basic principles of astrology. I have found a book by the famous Czech astrologer Jan Kefer "Practical Astrology or the art of prediction and the fate of confrontation" in which the United States is under the Gemini. Yes, just ask any astrologer: "Where is an ascendant of the United States”? And everyone will tell you that under the Gemini, but there are no cards with Asc in Gemini. Why so? But it is the first house of horoscope which represents its people, its national traits of temperament, character and disposition, habits and traditions, the internal affairs of the country, their psychology and mass consciousness. People of any country have its own unique special features that distinguish them from other nations.

USA horoscope by M.Levin

It is not impossible to agree with one of the most respected astrologers in Russia Mikhail Levin, under whom we have studied and continue to study, "charts of states and charts of the major historic events arise from the nation charts, but the cards of nations are not reduced to the charts of the state, they are a deeper layer". (This is from his report about the history of Russia in the international astrological conference in Copenhagen on the 4th of October in 1991). Charts of states are a historically constituted community of people and before making a horoscope of the state you need to make a horoscope of the nation. But charts made at the time of formation of states may be used too. In fact we use in astrology of native a chart of moving. But these charts are just auxiliary ones, but not basic.

Further more from the report: "What data we can use when we want to rectify the chart of a nation? It is difficult to find the exact historical moment of the beginning. But the first consideration which helps us to find this moment is an ascendant. I propose using the fact that the ascendant of the nation determines primarily an area that people occupy, that they have to learn and to come to conclusions on this cases at least the elements of the ascendant. Huge territories are occupied by nations with the air ascendant, with it they are not colonies separated from the metropolis but are namely principal core areas". "Most people associate it with the sign of the ascendant ... or with the strongest planet of this chart. Traditionally Bulgaria is under Capricorn, so it has Ascendant in Capricorn, Russia under Aquarius it means ascendant is in Aquarius".

Horoscope of USA by M.Levin
Horoscope of USA by M.Levin

And also here the horoscope of USA is analyzed and the above rule is violated. "But sometimes as the lead character of sign of the zodiac Sun is chosen, but not an ascendant. In some cases it is impossible to understand why this sign is the ruler, if not to make a chart of the nation, if to be limited only by making charts of states that emerged in the territory occupied by these people. However ... all astrologers involved in mundane astrology agree that America is under the Gemini. And indeed if we look at the culture, lifestyle, American character, we see that they most closely match the sign of Gemini. But the link with the Gemini would be understandable if we recall what day of the conception of new nation. This is the day when the first settlers landed in a place which later was called as Jamestown in future state of Virginia on the 25th of May, 1607. At some moments of this day a spiritual initiation occurred and gave the birth to a new nation. That is why the American people are under the Gemini (not the USA but namely people), Gemini – this is a sun sign of chart of disembarkation"

In fact, M. Levin has doubts about U.S. astrological chart with Asc in Aquarius. Date May 25 is strange, from what sources was it take incomprehensible.

Historical events


Time of origin of the nation - there is not Vikings and not Spanish expeditions for gold, which were first to South America and later to North America. Of course, the news of the opening of the New World by C. Columbus made a strong impression. And already in 1497 small ship "Matthew" headed by John Cabot and 18 crew members on June 24 achieved to the northern tip of Newfoundland and declared this country as ownership of the English king. John Cabot brought little production and so on his way few people followed. And almost one hundred years the interest of England to America was not manifested. The French were also attracted by the current Canada.

The Englishman Walter Raleigh persuaded the Queen to found a colony in America in 1585 and founded the first European settlement on Roanoke Island. A year later due to lack of food, the fleet of Francis Drake took back everyone home. In 1587 second settlement was founded. That is the place where a girl was born and the first English child began its life in America. The Raleigh called this place Virginia in honor of Queen Elizabeth (the virgin). The governor of the island was Mr. White. A ship with the governor and the first - born child set sail to England for food supplies. But at that time there was a war between England and Spain. And only 4 years after the defeat of the Spanish fleet, Mr. White achieved his island. But there was nobody in the colony. That second attempt to set up a colony failed too.

It turned out that there was a little gold on the new continent and in Europe they began to realize that the new country would be of value if the new settlers created the conditions for trade. And on the 20th of December in 1606 on the eve of Christmas London company sent a fleet of three ships (120 men, no women) to base their colony. These were people of various professions except for rural workers.

There is conflicting information in the internet about the time of arrival and disembarkation of the third attempt to base a colony, so let us clarify this point. On 26th of April in 1607 105 passengers (the others died on the way) arrived at the shores of North America and about two weeks they carried out reconnaissance before the night on May 13, because there was a storm. They had anchored in the bay of river of necessarily, because there was a storm. The place was low and swampy, but very beautiful.

At night a few people on a boat landed for reconnaissance only. And just with the rising of the Sun all the others began to land and build a settlement and remained there to live. Later they have called the settlement Jamestown in honor of King James. After a year there were only 53 settlers, but there was the first permanent English colony in North America. Further, some astrologers do not consider the original source for the dates – the 26th of April and the 13th of May, the 14th of May, 1607 are in the old style and just make horoscopes. Look please through electronic library materials, there are copies of the letters of Captain Newport and John Smith (see the first link below).

But Grate Britain and its colonies switched to the Gregorian calendar only on 14th of September in 1752. For the 1607 year it is 10 days. Therefore, the landing of the first boat was the night on May 23 and disembarkation of the other crew members in the morning on the 24th of May in 1607. But there is a mistake in Gregorian calendar in 2 days, therefore the date of the nation chart o USA is 26 of May, 1607.

Exactly the point of disembarkation of all the crew members and beginning of construction were taken by my as a basic. There are also charts on that date, only there is an Asc in Virgo. Some astrologers are guideв by strange principles: if a state is called Virginia – it means Asc must be in Virgo. Do you like this astrology? Ascendant of mundane chart determines first of all an area which people occupy. Virgo is an earth sign and has a small territory. There are Switzerland, Turkey, Greece, Croatia under Virgo.

America is too strongly expresses the sign of Gemini and not only linkage with the Gemini, as in the chart made by M.B. Levin, from which it seems that both Russia and America are under Aquarius. The common feature of these two countries is only the fact that these states are very multinational. The rest is as "heaven and earth." If we compare all attempts to create a colony with rectification of the natal chart, all these events are similar to birth pains and not to be considered these moment of birth.
And this is a map of the United States made with the Asc 9 degrees of Gemini.

USA horoscope

There is a brief overview of this chart. Let's remember the main motive of the first American settlers it was gold. Only a third of these people dared to build a new life. They survived only because they were able to work. And of those who desperately sought gold there were few people. However, this motif very clearly characterizes the American society - its most serious attitude to money.

And this fact would be reflected in the horoscope. Look please: the ruler of a second House is Moon is in the First House in conjunction with Mercury the ruler of the horoscope. The Venus is in Gemini in the Fist House too. All this says that the U.S. society is very practical people, merchants and businessmen. Money, business, commerce has the first priority and then there are journalism, communications, cars and roads. The Sun is the ruler of IV House is in conjunction with Uranus. The Moon (boiler) is in conjunction with Mercury (nations) - America is a multinational state, it is named as "a boiler for digestion of nations".

Venus is in the First House, still pointing that Americans like a luxury. The position of Mars also is there in the First House and in conjunction with Venus tells us about military and financial pressure and constant interference into the affairs of other countries.

In the fourth House there is Neptune the ruler of XI House and here they are - the spiritual roots of this country are the Indians.The Neptune is in conjunction with the Ascending node in square to Mercury and in the trine to Moon. Too different types of consciousness of Indians and settlers led to conflicts. But according to Ascending node it had to learn their culture and promote peaceful relations. Position of Neptune and the Sun in the XII House asserts that from the beginning of the American society was based on religion and the clergy had a huge role. Already the first days after the settlement in May 1607 the continent's church was built of a piece of canvas, and immediately the clergy began to read their sermons. Alas and they were these who contributed to the killing of Indians, justifying their actions as follows: after the first settlers died of natural disasters, "and as God allows them to die, then they may also kill the inferior race of Indians." Here they were guided by this logic. (I could not find the original source on this subject, but I have read and still remember, when I find it then I will write down).

According to a research conducted in 2002, Pew Global Attitudes Project, the U.S. is the only developed country and most people said that religion is "very important" in their lives. The Sun is in conjunction with Uranus and in sextile with Jupiter. There is a huge amount of religious preachers and missionaries in the USA.

MC is in Aquarius - USA is a democratic state. Only a native resident may be elected the President of USA - Uranus is in conjunction with the Sun the ruler of the IV House. The ruler of VI House Chiron is in Scorpio - secret services have a huge impact on the entire nation, including the President (Chiron is in opposition to Uranus is the ruler of MC and with the Sun). The cuspid of VII House is in Sagittarius, Jupiter is in XI House - the judicial system is one of the most progressive in the world. The U.S. is the only country where the jury does hear cases almost more often. And so a saying was born there: "Be courteous with everyone, you never know who will be in the jury to judge you". Saturn is the ruler of the IIX house is in the trine to the Moon which is a ruler of II house - credit and insurance system is one of the most stable in the world.

Rectification of USA chart.

July 4, 1776 Independence Day is one of the important dates in the history of the United States. Voting took place on the 2th of July and the signing was on the 4th of July. There is nothing special about this date. Americans love to make a show of everything - (Mercury is the ruler of V House is in the First house). The overarching goal was not to declare independence but tell the whole world about this and to reassure primarily themselves. Later it was called nothing more than a publicity document - the myth of the American dream.

The actual date of the signing of the recognition of independence of the North American colonies on the 3of September in 1783 was indicated above. Nevertheless it was kind of peaceful revolution. Why was there much noise around this date? I think because there was one who oversaw and directed that event. That was an incarnation of the Adept - Count Saint Germain (that is C.Columbus) and at that time he continued his mission and he brought up his chela - George Washington (now he is Lord Godfre).

The following is from the letters of Helena Roerich from the 25th of March in 1935. "We also know that under President Washington there was a mysterious professor, whose advice he followed and his success was based on it. There was an interesting fact attested at the time of declaring the freedom of America and its separation from England: during that historic meeting at the moment of hesitation and indecision among those present a tall stranger appeared there and gave a pep talk, ending with the exclamation: "America is free!". Enthusiasm of the meeting had raised and America's freedom was signed by. When the present wished to welcome the person who had helped them to make a great decision, it was impossible to find the stranger, he had disappeared".

And on the17 of December in 1936 "Yes, in a certain era in some countries there is one or another Ambassador who gives good news and help from the Citadel of Knowledge, which are usually rejected. The East once had known how to accept this news, of course it was not always, but the Westerners were very persistent in their rejection. Only once advice and help were adopted by the so-called New World, it was under D.Washington, in proclaiming liberty of North United States. As a result of this decision there was a powerful development of North United States".

And "our leaders" don't want to listen to anything and anybody, they make up schemes to overcome the crisis, but the true path is always the same and it is known.

And now we take one event of political, financial, military history of a nation and same important dates. There is a small educational program. "Transits are an universal method in any sections of astrology it is widely used as a method of prediction and rectification (but certainly not the only one). Progression in the case of study of an ethnic card is preferable than directorates. Why is it? The experience of personality astrology shows we know that progression reflect the inner world of man, internal processes, such as development of the mind, will and emotions. Directions most commonly are associated with external events. Of course, they also reflect the internal processes, but expressed primarily as external events. When we study the ethnic history, it is very difficult to allocate the external events, because the space in which life unfolds ethnicities, outer space, the environment of ethnic group is all the world. Here, apparently, we need to have a different level of consciousness, to see the world as a whole human life. We are included an ethnicity as cells in the body and are well aware of people's lives from the inside, the most striking event for us are the internal events in the ethnic group. Therefore, using progressions we get a greater effect". M.B. Levin

Declaration of independence on the 4 of July in 1776.


  1. Transiting (Tr.) Uranus is in conjunction with Asc, in semi-square with the cuspid of the III House - dramatically changes the existing relationship and the situation and associated with new trends and currents.
  2. Transiting Mercury is in conjunction with cuspid of III House, semi-square with Asc. (Signing the declaration)


  1. Progression (Pr.) Moon is the ruler of III House, in in conjunction with the cuspid of the IV House - the main document was signed
  2. Pr. Sun was in the sextile with Saturn
  3. Pr. MC was in the trine with Uranus the ruler of MC
  4. Pr. Asc was in conjunction with the cuspid of VI Houses (One of the characteristics of the VI House is forced labor - the declaration section about condemned slavery and the slave trade was removed from, it was profitable to Americans)

Louisiana Purchase on the 2 of May in1803.

Thanks to successful actions of American diplomats between the North American United States and France, they concluded a deal, called the Louisiana Purchase which allowed the states to double its territory.


  1. Pr. Moon the ruler of II House was in sextile to the Moon in semi-square with Venus, in nonagone to the cuspid of the II House.


  1. Direction (Dir.) cuspid of the II House was in conjunction with Saturn
  2. Dir. IC was in trine to the cuspid of the II House
  3. Dir. Uranus the ruler of the X House was in trine to IC

Black Thursday - the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange on the 24th of October in 1929

When the great factory of money on Wall Street was crashed, the rich become poor and the poor have lost their dreams about the wealth. On the New York Stock Exchange was a collapse of all financial affairs. Banks took out loans to buy shares (billing prompt placement on enrichment on the exchange), but they were unable to repay their debts. It was the most severe day in the financial world and it was named as "Black Thursday.


  1. Pr. Moon the ruler of the II House was in the square to Venus
  2. Pr. Venus was in square to Moon the rule of the II House
  3. Pr. Sun was in semi-square to the Asc
  4. Pr. Sun was square to the cusp of the house III (securities)
  5. Pr. Mercury the ruler of Asc was in semi-square to Venus


  1. Dir. Sun was in semi-square to Moon
  2. Dir. Asc was in conjunction with Pluto; in nonagone to Moon; in sextile to the cuspid of the II House II (someone nonetheless was enriched by this collapse)
  3. Dir. Pluto was in sentagone (aspect acts suddenly, unpredictably, like a hawk) to the cuspid of the II House
  4. Dir. Asc was in nonagone to Moon
  5. Dir. Uranus was in semi-square to the Asc and square to the cuspid of the III House

World War II

On the 7th of December in 1941, Japan suddenly attacked the U.S. naval base of Pearl Harbor. For the next day the U.S. declared war on Japan. In response Germany declared war on the United States.


  1. Pr. Asc was in conjunction with Pluto and in nonagone to the Asc
  2. Pr. Mars was in conjunction with the cuspid of IX House
  3. Pr. MC was in conjunction with Saturn the ruler of IIX and IX Houses
  4. Pr. cuspid of the VI House (armed forces) was in sentagone to Sun


  1. Dir. Sun was in semi-square to Mars
  2. Dir. Mars was in opposition to Chiron (the ruler of the VI House - armed forces)
  3. Dir. Jupiter as the ruler of the VII House enemies) was in sentagone to Chiron
  4. Dir. Asc was in nonagone to Mars and Jupiter
  5. Dir. Mercury was in square to the IC
  6. Dir. Moon was in square to the IC

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy on th 22 of November in 1963


  1. Transit (Tr.) Saturn the ruler of VIII House was in conjunction with MC, in semi-square to the cuspid of the VIII House
  2. Tr. Uranus was in conjunction with Neptune and in the square to the Asc
  3. Tr. Pluto was in sentagone to the Sun the ruler of IV at House and in the square to Mercury the ruler of the Asc


  1. Pr. Moon was in opposition to the cuspid of the VIII House and in sesquisquare to IC
  2. Pr. cuspid of the VIII House was in opposition to Mars
  3. Pr. Mercury was in square to the IC

Terrorist act on the 11 of September in 2001.


  1. Tr. Pluto was in opposition to Mercury and Moon
  2. Tr. Saturn the ruler of VIII House was in conjunction with Mercury and semi-square to Pluto
  3. Tr. Mars was in conjunction with the cuspid of the VIII House and sesquisquare to IC


  1. Dir. Pluto was in conjunction with the Sun
  2. Dir. Asc was in sentagone with Jupiter the ruler of the VII House (enemies)
  3. Dir. IC was in sentagone to the Moon
  4. Dir. Saturn was in nonagone to Jupiter and trine to Mars (obviously, this event has raised special influence Services. Also it was seen an inclusion of the VI House - security services may zanli this ter.akte. There were many aspects sentagon - 100 degrees, this act was liked on a kite from the sky)
  5. Dir. Mercury was in sentagone to the cusp of the VI House and in opposition to Saturn
  6. Dir. Mars was in square to the cuspid of the VI House, semi-square to Mercury and the Moon
  7. Dir. Moon was in sentagone to the cuspid of the VI House


  1. Pr. Sun was in opposition to the cuspid of the VIII House, semi-square to the IC and in square to Jupiter the ruler of the VII
  2. Pr. IC was in sentagone to Sun and in sesquisquare to Pluto
  3. Pr. Asc was in nonagone to IC
  4. Pr. Moon was in sesquisquare to Mars and in Quinconces to the Asc

If You want more check for yourself, such as trasite Uranus through Asc etc.


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