Secrets of the Egyptian Pyramids

Modern science and ancient science

Before the mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids were built near Giza is given, let's look at the way modern scientists are working. Modern science goes from logic to facts, from the particular to the general. For example, scientists are studying a tree, they exam in great detail the leaves, their cells and veins, using the most precise instruments, but they overlook all the tree in the whole, its trunk, the root system, where does it grow and what it is growing for. When that ostensibly taken for an axiom, because without a point of reference it is not able to get anything at all.

Do you know the levels of knowledge: that are the facts, logic, intuition, revelation? Modern science just ignores revelations received from the sacred sources. Ancient scientists studied the world from a general to the specific. For axiom they took such a conception as God.pifagor At present science is studing leaves, the ancient science studied the life. That is the real difference. This is the reason why many secrets and questions are hidden from inquiring minds of our scientists. There are no questions only in religion, there is one answer to all - God. But we're not satisfied. And these two do not want to cooperate. Only the theosophy is trying to reconcile both.

In ancient times the scientist didn’t need any special devices. He studied the life but not the form. To know the God, you must be like Him. That was the work of an ancient scientist in the disclosure of the divine attributes and power that are hidden in him. The ancient scientists could explore only with those forces and only by developing divine in themselves and they were able to understand and measure the divine outside themselves. This was the starting point of thinking in ancient times. And if the man really wanted to become a scientist he had to become a Divine, to become a saint, before becoming a sage. hawkingsThe man could not be a wise one without becoming a clear. For, how impure eyes can see the Holy Spirit?

That is the difference between the ancient scientist and modern scientist. He had to be developed internally before he started to comprehend anything worth, while out of him. From the modern scientist that is not required. Of course he must lead moderate, regular, almost pure life as if he would indulge his passions - his mind would be eclipsed. He must be a shrewd observer have a balanced judgment, patience, ability to work, subtle perception of similarities and differences. All these best efforts of intelligence are required of him if he wants to become a great scientist. He has no other relationship to religion than the desire to secure full independence from it, because the religion has distorted the truth of revelations in their own interests. Earlier, religion opened the doors to science. Today, science requires only one thing from religion that it is standing aloof. This constitutes an obstacle.

And only astrology puts inner purity of astrologer as an obligatory condition while "science" does not recognize it. But some modern astrologers ignore this rule and explore the technical part just doing business. “Astrology is science of the same infallible catagory as astronomy itself, but on the condition that its interpreters must be also infallible and this condition, is just so hard achievable, so it is a stumbling block for both”. H. Blavatskaya.

By whom were the Egyptian pyramids built.

I think you just have read the evolution way on the first page of this site and oh the page about history. If you haven’t read what is written on these pages, you will not understand why the pyramids were built. We came to this world millions years ago. We have come to take the necessary steps of evolution and gain invaluable human experience, embodied again and again until we learn all the necessary lessons. We have to be highly developed space creatures.

As you know the Atlantis was a very technically advanced civilization but its consciousness was lower. They heavily abused psychic powers of man. At the time of Atlantis there was a nuclear war. As a result, our planet went off its orbit and collided with the Phaeton planet which was disintegrated into pieces of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter. The Moon became our satellite. Also at the time of Atlantis there were some events as we know one of the story of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, where the highest virtue was the vices. The Earth was cured by surgery in a very interesting way, rarely used. Usually this is done by natural disasters, but it was an exceptional case. It was after these events The Lord God wanted to put the world's population in the higher plane of existence, bypassing the fifth and sixth race.

But there was Hierarch from the Venus planet well known to us as Ahur Mazda or Sanat Kumara, who is also the biblical Ancient of Days, who had taken under his tutorship the evolution of humanity and founded the Great White Lodge or Brotherhood the first «Divine Dynasty». And that dynasty began to educate people. For the training of the best representatives of mankind two big pyramids in Giza were built, it was about 200 000 years ago.

We came to this world millions of years ago. There are people who really want to learn and those who don’t want to learn. And basic training is not in the growth of technical progress but in the growth of consciousness. And the hard science - is Divine Science. Religion also distorts this science by more than 90 percent. And the teaching of this science was always in School of Mysteries or Initiations under the supervision of our Teachers from Venus. All we go through the school of life and any obstacle is the tasks to be solved by only the right way - learn to listen to the voice of our heart and have the courage to do what it says. Those who successfully trained became the assistants and the staffer member Brotherhood. Let's see the way of studying in this School of Initiations.

«People aspire towards initiations as towards something mysterious, inaccessible. For them the training at the School of Initiations is like staying in a prestigious educational institution, in one of the most famous universities or training centers of the Earth, getting education in which opens the way to a career.

There is a fundamental difference between The School of Initiations and any prestigious educational institution of the Earth. And this difference is connected exactly with your losing any career in a standard earthly meaning. Moreover, you lose not only the career but everything that may be dear to you and to which you still have purely human attachments. Therefore, even at the first stages of the Path of Initiations very few people interested in continuing their education are left, no matter how prestigious the education at my School of Mysteries may appear in the eyes of the uninitiated and profanes in the sphere of esoteric knowledge.

According to the old law unknown for the wide audience, the initiations at the schools for initiates were held behind closed doors, and the access to our School of Initiations was thoroughly guarded. And even those of our disciples, who had already stood on the Path and had received the first initiations, were not allowed to the most secret sacraments and mysteries. Why? Because the level of consciousness of the majority of the disciples cannot perceive many things which occur behind the closed doors where a small quantity of people has access to.

If you with your unprepared consciousness accidentally entered the room where the initiations of the highest level were given, then most probably you would leave the School of Initiations at that very minute and would never ever look across its threshold again. Moreover, you would tell all and each that this School is just the limb of the devil, and that no one must even think about crossing its threshold. Well, it is good for us when failed disciples spread such ignorant rumours about us. For, indeed, when a person is liberated from his unreal part, this process is so painful and sometimes goes so dramatically that a feeling may appear that you are in a torture room.

And indeed, when you meet your unreal part, face to face, you have a sensation that you have confronted with the devil himself. But this devil, contrary to a common belief, does not reside somewhere underworld but is within you yourself. Yes, beloved, both God and the devil are into you. And that is the innermost secret which was revealed to the initiates while they were having their trials. During the preparation they both had an opportunity to face their unreal carnal part, and then they had an absolute feeling that they confronted with the devil, and they had an opportunity to meet their Divine part as well. And then they felt their Divine eternal nature.

And after they had realized the duality of their nature, they had to make their final choice and completely dedicate themselves to their Divine part, to God residing within them and to God within their Teacher. And this choice is so hard because this choice is the fundamental choice which every incarnated person makes”. Lord Maitreya

How were the pyramids built?

As already mentioned the Atlantis civilization was more advanced technically. At that time there was a device which could completely remove gravity. With these devices it was possible to pick up boulders weighing hundreds of tons and put them into a harmonious structure, without making any physical effort. At the right moment when the design was completed, it was enough to disable anti-gravity and blocks were flat against each other under the influence of gravity. The electricity is used by us now is a primitive form of electricity. While at the time of Atlantis (actually there was you and me) there were conductors which could convert ether energy into magnetic energy. On this principle at the same time UFOs are built and used by.

And there were some pyramids in Egypt which were built by Aryan race under the pharaohs, but it had a religious significance. The pyramids of Giza are irrelevant to the burial rites of the pharaohs. Each person perceives any information through the prism of his mind (aura). For a person who does not understand theosophy it is difficult to understand many things, such as Marduk’s isolation cell was made into the pyramid. But in Tibet there are a lot of solitary confinements - hermitage, are choosing the path of cultivation with detachment from the world.

Hermits live in small cells hollowed usually in the side of a mountain. Thick stone walls of the houses protect against any noise. When the hermit decides to withdraw completely from the people, the entrance to his cave will be walled. In this blank stone isolation ward he lives all alone with no light, furniture - without all. Once a day he receives food through a special hole. The first such retreat lasts three years. During this time the hermit reflects on the meaning of life. Not for any reason he can not leave this camera. A month before the expiration of the voluntary confinement in subtle roof they drill a small hole, through which faint ray of the light passes into the camera. This hole gradually expand to the hermit's eyes could get used to the day light, otherwise he will be blind. Often, hermits after being in the world a few weeks again take the solitude, but before the end of their days. Such life for a Western man just seems a hell, but it is not colorless and not useless as it may be seem at first sight and actually it is more beautiful than the life of the common man.

It is no secret that after 500 years people of Indigo race will sleep 16 hours but not 8. And dream is not only like watching TV but it is a journey through life more highly than our physical world. Hermits consciously go into the astral plane and live, learn, visit any corner of the world, fall in love and even lead intimate life.

The true man is a spirit and not only the soul and the body. According to the plan of the evolution mankind will gradually come back to life on the higher plane of existence. And who is ready to live in subtle bodies there are so few. The sixth Race can be called a man - spirit. We have come to this point, but alas the majority of the population of the Earth is represented by a man - an animal and even worse and those who don't change their mind, who will be dumped on landfill space to start everything from the beginning. Because the purity of consciousness cannot be bought for money or got on any course or seminar and is not measured by the amount of literature read or conducted meditation. The growth of the consciousness can be achieved only by personal efforts and is measured by the qualities which man has developed these are self-sacrifice, selflessness, love. And without these qualities man will not be able to continue the evolution on the Earth.

Anyone going on the Way knows that a prerequisite due to the thin world - is to increase the vibration of all human bodies. And in our physical world it is limited to a range of perceived vibration. The practice of spatial development of the vibration was one of the main practices in Schools of Initiation of the past. And the chelas had to test opposite vibration during a short period of time. When this is achieved when the body is ready for such overloads man was ready for Initiation. Modern scientists have at their disposal data how the vibration of human cells is modified by the lifestyle of man. And these vibrations affect human health the major organs and systems. And such complex structures of pyramids are just intended to increase vibration of chela. Now finally see waveguides that have been taken for the air ducts. waveguideWaveguide parameters indicate THz range in which wavelengths are also seven primary colors.

One of the most important occult knowledge is the law of analogy or similarity. If our scientists understood the compliance between human principles and the principles of the cosmos, the relationship between the micro and macro cosmos, they would have already revealed all the secrets.chamber Seven colors of the solar spectrum correspond to the seven Rays or Hierarchies. Each of the Hierarchy is the "Builder" as a kingdom of nature and the kingdom of man give his chakra and aura a specific color. By itself the colors we see with the physical eyes are not as we received but these are the effects produced on our eyes by certain wavelengths. To achieve resonance between the chakras and the energies of color were built huge amplifiers like the satellite antenna.

By the same principle the pyramids were built, there take the energy during the culmination of the star Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, which is one of the focuses of the Great Central Sun of the Universe in our sector of the Galaxy, it is chakra through which the divine energy was transmuted. Next energy came on the waveguides into the room of tests where were initiation ritual of chelas. And before you get to Marduk‘s isolation cell chela is thoroughly trained. Read please how such training Lobsang Rampa describes in his novel «The third eye» in chapter 17.

And else how G. Hancock describes his staying in the pyramid in his novel "Fingerprints of the Gods" "... [when I was in the sarcophagus] I folded my arms on my chest and brought my voice to a low note. I had already tried to do so in other parts of the King's Chamber, it seemed the walls have collected and amplified the sound and returned to me, so that I could feel the vibration coming back soles of the feet, the crown of my head and skin. In the sarcophagus I felt much the same, only the strengthening and concentration fluctuations were more intense. It felt like being in the resonance chamber of a giant musical instrument, designed to ensure that ever heard only one resounding note. The sound was quite intense and disturbing ... "

The sound seemed to him anxious because he was not ready. The main task of our Path is to separate the spirit from the flesh and it needs very serious training. Our earthly world comes in contact with thin worlds, whether we like it or not, the process of evolution has not stopped. And now we are at the stage of evolution when mankind should gradually give up the physical body through the elevation of consciousness. Where was this knowledge taken from? Literature sources are the works of H.P. Blavatskaya and N. Roerich. How was that knowledge given to them, you can know here.

Here's how Helena P. describes the process of getting knowledge. "Knowledge comes in visions, first in dreams, then in the pictures that are coming before the mind's eye during meditation. So the whole evolution system was taught by me, the laws of life and everything else that I know these are the mysteries of life and death, an act of karma. Not a word of all has been said to me by the usual way, except perhaps to confirm that it was so given to me - I did not learn anything in writing. And knowledge was gained so much, so clear, so convincing, so indelibly on the impression that it had on my mind, that all other sources of information all other training methods with which we are familiar, seem quite small in comparison. One of the reasons why I hesitate with an immediate answer to some questions asked by me - it's difficult to express enough right language that is given to me in the form of paintings and grasped me by pure reason, as Kant would call it. Their method is a synthetic method of learning: first give the most general outlines and then kind of intuitive vision of the method works, after that can be seen the main principles and concepts, and finally begins the disclosure of small details."


But what kind of is scientist if he is not feel this knowledge? The first step on the Path is belief, but it should be based on knowledge. How can we see the facts and events which were million years ago? Everything that happens or happened in this world any manifestation of thought, no matter how fleeting or subtle it may be, is being recorded in Akashi. No, even the most insignificant actions, thoughts, experiences will not be missed by it. We can assume that they are not perceived by our consciousness and therefore did not stay in our memory, but all of them are recorded on the tablets of the astral light.

Light spreads with a certain speed. This is known to any scientist: we see the stars at night, which perhaps did not exist long ago. Some stars are so far from us that their light comes to us only now but they started its transit before the birth of the Earth. We can not know that some star died a million years ago, because its light will go to us perhaps a million years. It will be easier to remember about sound. We see a flash of lightning and after a while we hear the thunder. The reason for this lag is the delay of sound. So, it is possible to delay the light as a tool to look into the past. If we could immediately move to a planet is far from us so much that the light will need a year to overcome the distance from the planet to the Earth and then we would have seen the light was going a year ago.

If we had superpower, super-sensitive telescope that could lead one to any part, we would see the events which were a year ago. If we could move to a planet at the distance of million light-years from the Earth we would see the Earth as it was millions of years ago. Moving further and further away of course immediately, we would eventually be at the point where could see the birth of the Earth and even the Sun. Exactly on this principle the Akashic Records are built.

As a result of special training we can move into the astral world, where are neither time, nor space; there are other "dimensions." And then the man sees everything, different time and space. Person who is only a candidate to chela is discovering much knowledge outside of our science, he is able to accommodate. Are you ready to comprehend the truth? Are you ready selflessly to serve humanity, if it is so, get to the Path of Initiations. Then suspended all, come to your altar (it may be any place not necessarily in a church, where you feel the presence of One and say in your heart: ”I am ready, Lord. Take me, Lord, take my knowledge, and take my abilities. Make use of me, Lord, to implement Your plans. Here I AM, Lord. I surrender to Your Will and Your Law. There is no longer anything in me which is not from God. There is nothing separating us. We are united.”

You can forget about a career, if only you like the career of "homeless" which were Gautama, Jesus, Paracelsus, Padmasambhava and others, but you will open the door to other worlds, it certainly you will be able to enter there. Well friends, now we will dare try together, all the same we will have to go to finish the Earth’s school.