Bad habits

«One shot of alcohol that you drink or one cigarette that you smoke does not allow you to rise to the higher etheric octaves for several days»

Any person perceiving the truth, should always first of all adhere to common sense and consider any questions not with inventing human values such as: pleasure, prestige, a tribute to fashion, tradition, etc., but from the point of the meaning of life, evolution, spiritual development. And this is because the physical body and soul are mortal, but the spirit is immortal. A man has perishable and imperishable parts. And now this is especially stronger than ever, when humanity has come to the point of finishing the material world and transition to the subtle planes of existence. Thousands of years, Wisdom Teachers are trying to make understand humanity and speak us simple truths, about this transition. But we complicate everything, trying to understand the truth using our are not perfect instrument - the human mind.

This lecture about bad habits and its huge harm, not on human health, but on his evolution development, subtle bodies, and how people voluntarily turn into clones, which are replenishing day after day the garbage tank of our Universe. Why do the people have bad habits, why do they need these doping drugs. The real reason is only one - they are not happy and therefore try to replace it by the most accessible way, at least for two minutes. The people are not happy, because they live without true love. The love lives in the heart of every person, there is the spirit - the spark of God. In other words, a person is not happy, because he lives without God in his heart. The people replace God on icons and church rituals. When a person on the path of life getting into trouble, which wounded his heart, he gradually close his heart and became an impervious. It means the heart is covered by «armor», behind which it sheltered from the cruel blows of fate. This «armor» of course is primarily an energetic armor. And it's a big mistake of humanity to close their hearts. In fact, through the heart chakra man receives food - spiritual energy from the higher worlds.

But one day a person ceases to experience pain. The doctors know that if any organ does not experience pain, it means organ is sick, and a person who does not experience pain is dead. He is not a man anymore, he is just a biomass, he lost his contact with the Higher I Am. 90 percent of people live as they are underground and don’t even suspect that there is a Sun, but most importantly, the people forgot that the same sun is into them in heart. But, it is impossible to live without a sense of happiness, so people imitate the state of bliss, using cigarettes, alcohol, drugs.

Let's remember that during a deep sleep the man’s soul leaves the body and travels in the etheric octaves, where the soul gets recharging with energy. When a person vibrates at high frequencies (if he is in a state of creativity, love, prayer, meditation), he travels in the higher etheric octaves and charging there with pure energy (prana), his night rest is full and the person is satisfied with life. The vibrations of tobacco and alcohol are rude, that's what everyone can easily see by looking carefully at the people who smoke and drink, because their distinctive feature is - coarseness in everything. And only because of one cigarette smoked or a glass of alcohol, a person for at least week cannot rise to higher etheric octaves for normal recharging. Thus, the life energy potential of a person gradually declines, thereby the man falls into a vicious circle – there is no strength, the soul does not receive normal nutrition, the sensation of life is lost. The people artificially activate their brain with harmful habits, trying to feel a ghostly state of happiness for at least five minutes, and rises in the path of degradation, but not evolution.

The inhabitants of the astral plane
The inhabitants of the astral plane

In addition, between the physical body and the astral body, there is a protective shell consisting of a single layer of atoms, which are compressed and impregnated with a special form of vital force. The energy of the higher etheric octaves from the astral body to the physical, is tuned to pass through it with perfect ease. But, it does not miss the energy from the lower octaves, since it represents an impenetrable barrier for all other forces as already known to you larvaes (in religions they are called demons). These larvae feed on the psychic energy of people who allowed it to do so. This tissue is a natural energy protection given by nature to prevent the premature opening of communication between the dense and subtle planes of being. If it was not this gracious foresight, an ordinary man, who knows nothing about all the inhabitants of the astral plane and is completely unprepared for meeting with them, could be attacked by any astral entity (larvae) with which he could not cope and it would lead to madness.

An alcohol gradually damages this protective tissue and a person falls under the vampire influence of vile astral essences. With delirium tremens a person can even hear and see them. And often people who abuse alcohol say that they are worried by voices that constantly inspire evil ideas and use rough language. They always persuade them to take strong drinks and encourage the use of large quantities of meat, the emanations of which pollute the human soul with animal passions. So it is arising the gradual decay of all the best qualities of man, the result of which is gross materialism and bestiality, the loss of all refined feelings and the ability to control oneself. A sense of responsibility is lost, he can love his wife and children when he is sober, but when he falls into a drinking-bout, he can squander money for which he had to buy bread for them, to satisfy his own desires. The lovers of smoking, but in fact they are tobacco addicts always persist in their self-justification, even when they know that this causes suffering to their neighbours. And the degradation here is obvious, it is clear how subtle feelings are already seriously dulled.

Those who have these habits need to simply get courage and take a stand firm. The power of these creatures over man is only in personal fear of them. The will of man is stronger than all of them together. And if we turn against them with energy and perseverance, they must retreat. No one will tolerate the intrusion of dirty and disgusting personalities into his home on the physical plane. If a lazy tramp breaks into a house to a man, the owner does not kneel down to pray, he throws out a tramp and that's exactly what you need to do with these astral vagabonds. No one should think for a moment about failure or capitulation, there is a spark of God in a person's heart and God cannot fail. The fact that meat is demanded by them demonstrates how low and gross they are. It is necessary to avoid all meat food and alcohol, because these things serve such a pernicious creature and make resistance to them more difficult. In all civilized countries is used some control over the sale of toxics which are allowed for sale only on prescription. The poison of alcohol produces many thousands of times more troubles than all the poisons taken together, and the laws governing about its sale must be no less strict. It is true that every person must develop self-control, аnd do not rely on legislation in this area. But there are more dangerous habits than smoking, alcohol and even drugs. With the development of technical hardware, young people constantly listen to music through their gadgets. And «music» what they listen to is more horrible than all the above.

«While the alcohol that you drink and the cigarettes that you smoke lower only your own vibrations and the vibrations of the people who live together with you, the pounding music affects thousands of people. If you knew about the consequences of such hooliganism for your lower bodies, the first thing you would do would be to prohibit your children from to listening to such music forever. There are very simple measures that allow you to quickly raise the vibrations on the physical plane, and one of these measures is the prohibition of listening to loud music. You cannot even imagine what influence music has on you. Every night I come to my organ, and inspired by God, I play charming melodies. There are a very small number of people who come to my abode to listen to this music. Even a smaller number of people are capable of reproducing that music in their awakened state of consciousness, writing it down with notes, and presenting it to the world. Oh, how much I wish for that consonance with the Higher world to be accessible to you through listening to the music that I play on my organ».

«You are very sensitive beings. Your subtle bodies, when attuned to the Higher worlds, are like a Stradivarius violin. However, many of you prefer to drive nails with that violin. Imagine a real Stradivarius violin. Generations of people have been enjoying its charming sounds. You are taught to recognize its value as a true piece of art. Why do you value yourselves less than a violin? You are much better conduits of the energies of the subtle plane. You are capable of transmitting the energies of the Higher worlds into your world. However, you treat the material things of your world with much greater respect than you treat yourselves». Beloved Koothumi

Music accompanies us everywhere. Sound and rhythm controls our emotions, mood and has a strong influence on consciousness. Depending on the size, the rhythm can soothe, inspire, elevate, balance or excite. Music is a force, which can consume both for good and for evil. Each civilization had its own special music, but now all over the earth one can hear one universal sound – American’s rock, rumbling and carrying destruction and rap, causing degradation. Men of science and the entertainment industry have invented scientifically well-grounded method directs so that young people become neurotics with an upset mentality and inhibited mental development. We propel into one the same spiral, which induces to the use drugs and bullying. It is such a powerful spiral that an extreme effort is required to go against the cross-current. Rock music appeared in the 60 years as an internal protest against the ideology of government.

The formation of new ideals become free. Under such conditions, symbols propagated by rock music easily captured and strengthened its positions in the minds of young people and as a result gradually began to dominate society and its progressive development. Moreover, rock music was associated with freedom and market economy. The symbols of rock are amoral and the underlying reason of rock generally directs against life as such, but really against the God. This is clearly seen at the resent time, when rock contributes to the spread of drug addiction, free sex, suicide, etc. For society to develop successfully, it is necessary first to take care of the moral values of young people. Legislative measures must be taken toward those who are trying to upset the world with the sounds of ragged rhythms. Each of those who like to listen to rock music, or to any kind of music with improper rhythms, lowers the vibration of the surrounding space for many miles around. This hooliganism must be stopped.

Music is written by great composers of the past centuries, remain sources of diverse musical forms of the future. It is not too late to reverse this terrible shaft of rumbling music, pouring on us from computers, televisions and radios, meeting us on the streets, on public transport, etc. «Only the influence of one loudspeaker, working at high volume, spreading the irregular beat of rock music, is enough for thousands of elementals to be shocked, and instead of fulfilling their duties connected with keeping order on the planet, they become ill or even die». Lord Surya

Our cities could still become pure centers where the true rhythm of life will sound, not muffled by the rhythm of death, chaos and destruction, which is the root of many problems of society. In what city will do our children live? What will, do we leave behind of ourselves? At the fundamental of nurture of the creative personality are these or those preferences, which a person chooses in different areas of his activity. It is very important at the same time to have internal influences, which allow us to separate the perfect samples from their imperfect counterparts. The perfect rhythm of works of art and cultures is depicted even in the unconscious of race, speaks of the rhythm of stars, galaxies within molecules, cell life and all this moves in the great rhythm of the spheres in the stillness of the flame, which is ever being. If, we are talking about sound, rhythm and music, we should keep in mind that music and rhythm influence the flow of energy in the human body. The right rhythm, as well as certain musical styles are beneficial to the chakras (human energy centers). The Greeks guarded the purity of their music with all the strictness of the law. Composers were amerced and even expelled from the country, if it was believed that their music was harmful to society.

The Romans were the most practical people known in history, but they had not the imagination of musicality. Their warlike attitude was not balanced by noble graceful music, degenerated into rudeness. A vivid manifestation of this were the gladiatorial fights and the encouragement of cruelty. In India it is well known that the use of the laws of time and space through rhythm brings balance and stability. «The music of Russian composers and the pictures of Russian painters of the 18th and 19th centuries are rich in those vibrations that can neutralize the vibrations of death implanted into your consciousness while watching TV programs and listening to the music that has spread throughout the territory of Russia recently». Quan Yin

What music will do we come in the future? The major problem is facing us. It is a test for each of us - to call the music of the Spheres and to keep up the inner harmony or be on the bit by low instincts. Everyone has a free will, but because of the excessive use of his option, thousands of young people's souls perish, and after the death of the physical body, there is nothing to evolve further.