Theosophy about history and religion

«The human mind can hardly remain entirely free from bias, and decisive opinions are often formed before a thorough examination of a subject has been made». Blavatsky H.P.

True religion does not allow presence of a religious organization We shall consider a very important question, which worries the wits and heart of the mankind. We try to understand this complex question.

"The difficulty here is in the fact that one and the same truth is interpreted by the minds of embodied people differently, depending on those systems of world outlook which involved their consciousness from the starting moment of their current embodiment. It is here that the difficulty has always been - to find the things in common and to develop mutual understanding of those seemingly totally different interpretations of God which were expressed by these embodied individuals through their external consciousness. Nevertheless, when you rise in your consciousness and reach its higher level you see that the things which seemed before to be an absolute contradiction for your external consciousness are in fact just different points of view and different approaches to one and the same Truth. Believe me, it is not worth overly disputing any interpretation of this or another Truth by your limited consciousness. Your consciousness is so imperfect that it is simply foolish to declare and to affirm your own truth as the only reliable and infallible one. It can be compared with two people in dispute, one of whom affirms that the Earth is floating in the sea on three whales and the other who proves that the Earth is lying on three elephants. It seems funny to you even to imagine such a dispute now. However, most religious conflicts and wars had analogical reasons as their basis". Surya

Too many people are very fanatical about religions, though nothing deludes the world bigger, than religious fanaticism and dogmatism, concerned with unessential religious questions; nothing brings to more curdling blood war and cruel persecutions, then this.

Too many people nowadays think that to be truly good is, to be truly miserable. They think most mistakenly that one has to go about with a grim, sad face if one is religious. Such people may be afraid to smile, not necessarily because it might crack their face, but it might-which is much worse!-crack the facade of their thin veneer of religious belief ! We all know of the grim old man who is nearly afraid to smile or is afraid to take the slightest pleasure from life in case he has a miserable time roasting in hell for a moment's lapse from grace!

Religion, true religion, is a joyous thing. It promises us life beyond this Earth, it promises reward for all that we have striven for, it promises us that there is no death, nothing about which to worry, nothing of which to be afraid. There is a fear of death ingrained in most humans. That is because if one remembered the joys of the after-life one might be tempted to end this life and go on to happiness. That would be the same as a boy escaping from the classroom and playing truant, which does not lead to progress!

Religion, if we really believe in it, promises us that when we go beyond the confines of this world we shall no longer be in the company of those who truly afflict us, we shall no longer meet those who grate upon our nerves, who sour our soul! Rejoice in religion, for if you have the true religion it is indeed a thing of joy, and a thing about which one must rejoice.

We must confess, with great sadness, that many people who study occultism or metaphysics are among the worst offenders. There is one cult-oh no, we do not give names!-who are perfectly sure that they, and they only, are the Chosen; they, and they only, will be saved to populate their own little heaven. The rest of us-poor sinning mortals no doubt - are going to be destroyed in various heartily unpleasant methods.

We do not subscribe to this theory at all, we believe that so long as one BELIEVES that is all that matters. It does not matter if one believes in religion or in occultism, one must BELIEVE.

А superstitions are born for lack of belief. Behind belief there should be the knowledge. The superstitions are profitable for clergyman - not true clergyman. They speak often to keep the certain ritual, otherwise there will be a tragedy. And ignorant people follow him, thereby supply them financially and morally. And still they use a service of many laymen of psychics (extrasenses), instead of trying to clear the heart from a nasty. While you suppose the superstition in the consciousness, all these liars will be existed around of you.

Rejoice! The more you learn about occultism and about religion the more you will be convinced of the truth of the Greater Life which lies ahead of all of us beyond the grave. When we pass the grave we merely leave our body behind us in much the same way as one can leave an old suit of clothes to be collected by the garbage man. There is nothing whatever to fear in metaphysical knowledge, nor is there anything to fear in religion, for if you have the right religion the more you learn about it the more convinced you will be that it is THE religion. Those religions who promise hellfire and damnation if you fall off the strait and narrow path are not doing their adherents a good service. In the old days, when people were more or less savages, it was possibly permissible to wield the Big Stick and try to frighten some sense into people, but now the outlook should be different.

Any parent will agree that it is much easier to control children by kindness than by constant threats. Those parents who keep threatening to call in a policeman or the bogeyman or to sell their children are the ones who cause a neurosis in the child and, later, in the race. But those parents who can control by firmness and kindness, and have their children living in joy, they are the ones who produce good citizens. We wholeheartedly subscribe to the view that one must have kindness and discipline; discipline should never mean harshness or sadism.

Again, let us rejoice in religion, let us be the "children" of the "parents" who teach with love, with compassion, and with understanding. Let us do away with all the falseness, all the base- ness of terror and punishment and eternal damnation. There is no such thing as "eternal damnation," no one is ever discarded, there is no such thing as a person being banished from the Spirit World! Every single person can be saved no matter how bad he or she has been; no one has to be rejected. The Akashic Record, with which we shall deal later, tells us that if a person is so terribly terribly bad that nothing can be done with him for the moment he is merely delayed in his evolution, and is later given another chance to come along with "another round of existence" in much the same way as a child who played about in class, and should not pass the end of term examinations, does not move up to a higher grade with his fellows but is kept back to study the curriculum all over again.

God is not sadistic, God is not out to destroy us but to help us. We do God a grave disservice when we think that He is always on the lookout to tear us to pieces or toss us to the waiting devils. If we believe in God let us believe in mercy, because in believing in mercy we shall have mercy, but let us also show mercy to others ....

One of the main purposes of theosophy is - to conciliate all religions and nations by a general system of ethics, which is based on eternal truth. Theosophy studies all religions, philosophy and occultism.

Some people are prejudiced against occultism having learnt, that its doctrine is a study of magics. But the real scientist must research that what is considered unknown. Besides, it is necessary to understand that the main element of magics is psychic power, but secondly, it is necessary to distinguish magician from wizard. The last unconsciously causes forces of Nature and uses them for the sake of evil aims usually, but magician conciously subordinates the psychic world and must be of high moral quality and have not evil or egoism impetuses. All talismans, methods, incantation and other similar serve only as additional means, but his main power is in pure heart, on effect of spirit and in knowledge. So, to develop this psychic power, to control the Nature - it is necessary to learn how to control yourself, your own feelings, to control your own thoughts and show unconditional love in human relations.

How true the words of Paracelsus when worried by fierce persecution and slander, misunderstood by friends and foes, abused by clergy and laity, he exclaimed: "O ye of Paris, Padua, Montpellier, Salerno, Vienna, and Leipzig! Ye are not teachers of the truth, but confessors of lies. Your philosophy is a lie. Would you know what MAGIC really is, then seek it in St. John's Revelation. . . . As you cannot yourselves prove your teachings from the Bible and the Revelation, then let your farces have an end. The Bible is the true key and interpreter. John, not less than Moses, Elias, Enoch, David, Solomon, Daniel, Jeremiah, and the rest of the prophets, was a magician, kabalist, and diviner. If now, all, or even any of those I have named, were yet living, I do not doubt that you would make an example of them in your miserable slaughter-house, and would annihilate them there on the spot, and if it were possible, the Creator of all things too!"

Theosophy studies all religions, takes of them general and most valuable. This studying leads to a recognition of the uttermost unity of religious concepts of all times and all people. If we address to ethics, we shall see that everywhere, in the East and West, the religion calls for clarification of thoughts and desires, to love, purity and mercy. These requirements make the alphabet of a spiritual life. "Love your enemies and pray for those who persute you", - Jesus spoke.
«Bless cursing you», - Krishna said.
«Hatred is not won by hatred, it is won only by love», - Budda said.
«Answer with kindness on hatred», - Lao-Dzi said.
«That is the hero, who transforming the enemy into the friend», - Talmud states.
«Perfection of religions consists in desire of good another», there was the motto of Magomet.

Why is such amazing in religious ethics of all times and all people? Because this ethic not a beautiful and casual fiction of this or that bright individuality or a fruit of profound work of several genius dreamers.

Because, the source of all religions is - one. But people always disguised truth by their imperfect consciousness.

And now we will consider some positions of Bibles and analyse them.

It looks likes as a fairy tale isn't it. A reader, must understand, that this is an allegory certainly. Actually knowledge is a big force, and that ignoramuses haven't used an advantage of knowledge in their own interest, an allegory is always applied.

One day of the creation, written in Bibles, is one daytime of our Universe, which is equal 4 320 000 000 years. Night is equal as much. Year of the Universe is - day plus night multiplied by 360. Let's once again recallect the chain of evolutions: there are: the God, light, thought, a monad, an atom, a mineral, a stone, a plant, an animal, the person, a spirit and the God. Yes, to become a divine, quite conscious God, even the highest - Spiritual, Primordial Reasons should pass through a human step.

The Monad can be compared to a seed of plant, in which the mental plan for development of a being is hidden. As Aristotle would tell, the prototype of this form - is stimulus to development. Previously than painter will write a picture, each line has already living in its imagination. It is the same and with the future people.

Each day of the creation we live on one of planets. We were an animal on the Moon, but people of the Moon (in their own fine spiritual bodies) are presently on Venus and Jupiter. The present animal kingdom was a plants the Moon.

Our day on the Earth is already last 3,8 billion years. When we shall terminate our cycle of a life on the Earth, the next following day of our development (the day of the creation or day of Universe ) will be on Mercury planet.

But now we will return to creation of the person, the sixth day of creation under the Bible.

Creation of the person

The Moon is much older then the Earth and it played the greatest and most significant role both, in formation of the Earth itself, and in brining human beings to it. The Monads, which passed an animal stage of evolution on the Moon, had finished its cycle, and should begin a new step of life on the Earth - to begin here human evolution. They were those fruits, which Moon should transfer to the Earth for the further development.

How did that passage of the living wave from the Moon to Earth happen? When the Moon completed its living period, when all steps of cosmic life on the Moon reached their highest point of development and were ready to pass on the higher step to the other planet, a new center of planetary life was created. That was the center of the future planet Earth. Around that center the Fiery World of the new planet started to develop through transfer from the Moon. Then the Subtle World was passed to Earth. And finally all the ethereal, gaseous and liquid parts of the dense world of the Moon were transferred to the Earth. It has occurred as follows.

New nebula which originated the Earth was developing around the center which was located approximately at the same distance from the dying planet as the centre of Earth and the Moon are at present time. But this accumulation of matter in the form of nebula had much greater volume than dense matter of the present Earth. It spread in all the directions so that it engulfed the old planet into its fiery arms. The temperature of the new nebula significantly exceeded the temperatures ever known to us. Because of that the surface of the old planet w armed to the degree that all the water and all the volatile substances were transformed into the gaseous state. In that state those substances were open to the influence of the new centre of gravity which formed at the centre of the new nebula. Thus, air and water of the old planet were pull dawn into the composition of a new planet.

That is why the Moon in its present state is the fruitless mass, void of air, clouds and water. uninhabited and not fitted for existence of any physical creatures. Having passed all its life creating principles to the new planet the Moon became really a dead planet whose rotation has almost stopped since the origin of our planet.

Before Earth will reache the top of its evolution the decay of Moon's matter will be completed. That matter which keeps the Moon whole will turn to meteoric dust. By that time the task of our planet will be fulfilled. It will decrease in scales because to loss of liquid and gases. Then a new planet will attract our Earth. And it will follow it as the Moon. Each kingdom of the developing life will rise on one step. Our present plant kingdom on the next planet will be its animal kingdom. Our animal kingdom will be new humanity. And our humanity will rise on the superhuman level.

So the planet Earth is originated by the Moon. It is Moon's creation and incarnation. The Moon died having completed its living period. It entered its Pralaya. The planets are acting in the sky as a man on Earth. They generate off springs of their own kind get old and die out. And only their spiritual principles are fixing in their off springs as the survivals of their own. The planet is a living being. For in Cosmos no atom is void of life or consciousness, or the spirit. The Law of birth, growth and destruction whole in Cosmos, from the Sun down to the bug, creeping in grass, is one. United.

Birth of the First Race mankind

The life cycle of humanity is divided into seven human races called the Root Races. They appear successively one after another. Also seven sub-races successively appear in each Root Race. The First Root Race, that is, the first «People» on Earth, were the descendants of the Moon forefathers or Pitris. The Moon Gods issued their subtle bodies out themselves and became the creators of the «Subtle» forms of human beings. Nature built the ethereal forms around those subtle ones.

The High Gods had no hand in that physical creation. The First Race did not receive that sacred spark which bums and expands into the flame of human reason and selfconsciousness. The Moon Gods could only create, or rather clothe, the human Monads with their own astral Selves with its bestial instincts. They could give only what they had in their own nature, and no more. The Moon Gods could only project out of themselves shadowy men.

The primeval man, issued from the bodies of his Progenitors, has been described as airiform, devoid of compactness. The Monads which incarnated in those empty shells remained unconscious. The primeval man could stand, walk, run, fly. Yet he was still only Chhâyâ, shade unconscious... The First Race is named Root Race, but else - the Imperishable Sacred Land .

The reason of such name consists in the statement, that this Indestructible Sacred Land never divided destiny of other Continents for it is unique. And the true consists in that, on the Earth Land was only one huge continent - all the rest were under water.

The Earth has started to be shaken on its orbit: and so too strong eccentrisity was formed, and then the flood and chaos had followed it on the Earth, monsters, semi-people, semi-animal have been generated.

«Water-People were terrible and spiteful», - they were a product of only one physical Nature, as a result of «an evolution impulse» and the first attempt to create «a person». The First Race is an airwaves figurative or astral Sons of the Yoga, also named « Self-born » - in our sense was mute for it has been deprived mind on our plan.

Thus Physical Nature, when left to herself in the creation of animal and man, is shown to have failed. She can produce the first two kingdoms, as well as that of the lower animals, but when it comes to the turn of man, spiritual, independent and intelligent powers are required for his creation, besides the «coats of skin» and the «breath of animal life.» The human Monads of preceding Rounds need something higher than purely physical materials with which to build their personalities, under the penalty of remaining even below any «Frankenstein» animal.


Inhabitants Root Race are semi-people have bred by budding. How could these Chahyas reproduce themselves otherwise; viz., procreate the Second Race, since they were ethereal, a-sexual, and even devoid, as yet, of the vehicle of desire, which evolved only in the Third Race? They evolved the Second Race unconsciously, as do some plants. Or, perhaps, as the Amœba, only on a more ethereal, impressive, and larger scale. If, indeed, the cell-theory applies equally to Botany and Zoology, and extends to Morphology, as well as to the Physiology of organisms, and if the microscopic cells are looked upon by Physical Consider the first stages of the development of a germ-cell. Its nucleus grows, changes, and forms a double cone or spindle, thus, within the cell. This spindle approaches the surface of the cell, and one half of it is extruded in the form of what are called the «polar cells.» These polar cells now die, and the embryo develops from the growth and segmentation of the remaining part of the nucleus which is nourished by the substance of the cell. Then why could not beings have lived thus, and been created in this way-at the very beginning of human and mammalian evolution?

This may, perhaps, serve as an analogy to give some idea of the process by which the Second Race was formed from the First.

Evolution of the Second Race( Hyperborean)

The Second Race developed from the First one. It was formed from the First by budding and expansion. The primeval way of reproduction by means of which the Second Race originated from the First One was going in the following way: The ethereal form clothing the Monad was surrounded, as it still is, by its egg-shaped sphere of aura. This germ grows and feeds on the aura till it becomes fully developed, when it gradually separates from its parent, carrying with it own sphere of aura.

First Race was simply composed of the Astral Shadows of the Creative Progenitors, having of course neither astral nor physical bodies of its own-the Race never died. Its «Men» melted gradually away, becoming absorbed in the bodies of their own «Sweat-born» progeny, more solid than their own. The old Form vanished and was absorbed by, disappeared in, the new Form, more human and physical.

The first sub-races of the Second Race were born by the process described above; while the last began gradually with the evolution of the human body, to be formed otherwise. The later Second Root Race were the «Sweat-Born».

This is the mysterious process of the transformation and evolution of mankind. The First Race was simply composed of the Astral Shadows of the Creative Progenitors, having of course neither astral nor physical bodies of its own-the Race never died. Its «Men» melted gradually away, becoming absorbed in the bodies of their own «Sweat-born» progeny, more solid than their own. The old Form vanished and was absorbed by, disappeared in, the new Form, more human and physical. There was no death in those days of a period more blissful than the Golden Age; but the first, or parent, material was used for the formation of the new being, to form the Body and even the inner or lower Principles or Bodies of the progeny.

The First and Second Races, and also the first half Third Race existed throughout three hundred millions years. We men have learned to live in every climate, whether frigid or tropical, but the first two Races had nought to do with climate, nor were they subservient to any temperature or change therein.

This attempt again was a failure. It allegorizes the vanity of physical Nature's unaided attempts to construct even a perfect animal-let alone man. For the Fathers, the Lower Angels, are all Nature-Spirits, and the higher Elementais also possess an intelligence of their own; but this is not enough to construct a thinking man. «Living Fire» was needed, that Fire which gives the human mind its self-perception and self-consciousness

Evolution of the Third Race


The First Race having created the Second by «budding», as explained above, the Second Race gives birth to the Third-which itself is separated into three distinct divisions, consisting of men differently procreated. The first two of these are produced by an oviparous method, presumably unknown to modern Natural History. While the early sub-races of the Third Humanity procreated their species by a kind of exudation of moisture or vital fluid, the drops of which coalescing formed an oviform ball-or shall we say egg-that served as an extraneous vehicle for the generation therein of a fœtus and child, the mode of procreation by the later sub-races changed, in its results at all events. The little ones of the earlier sub-races were entirely sexless-shapeless even for all one knows; but those of the later sub-races were born androgynous. It is in the Third Race that the separation of sexes occurred. From being previously a-sexual, Humanity became distinctly hermaphrodite or bi-sexual; and finally the man-bearing Eggs began to give birth, gradually and almost imperceptibly in their evolutionary development, first, to beings in which one sex predominated over the other, and, finally, to distinct men and women.

Before the middle of the Third Race the animals were also ethereal proto-organisms, just as man was. As time passed the bodies of animals became denser. The mammals were the hermaphrodites at first. Then the separation of sexes occurred: animals separated into males and females. They began to breed. After the animals got the bodies and separated, humanity began to separate too. Almost sexless, in its early beginnings, the Third Race became bisexual or androgynous; very gradually of course. Only after a long period of time did the

Third Race separate into two distinct. The units of the Third Race began to separate in their pre-natal shells, or eggs, and to issue out of them as distinct male and female babes. And as time rolled on its geological periods, the newly born sub-races began to lose their natal capacities. Toward the end of the fourth sub-race of the Third Race, the babe lost its faculty of walking as soon as liberated from its shell, and by the end of the fifth, mankind was born under the same conditions, and by the same identical process as our historical generations. This required, of course, hundred thousand years.

After separation of sexes and establishment of reproduction through the sexual intercourse the Third Race cognized death. People of the first two Races did not die but dissolved and disappeared, being absorbed by their own progeny. Like phoenix the primeval man resurrected from his old body into the new one. With each new generation he became denser and physically more perfect. Death appeared only when the man became a physical creature. Death came with completion of the physical organism.

All those transformations - the separation of people into two different sexes and creation of the physical man «with bones» - occurred in the middle of the Third Race 18 million years ago.

So shall repeat.

1. The First Race, the «Self-born,» which are the [Astral] Shadows of their Progenitors. The Body was devoid of all understanding [mind, intelligence, and will]. The Inner Being [the Higher Self, or Monad], though within the earthly frame, was unconnected with it. The link, the Manas, was not there as yet.

2. From the First [Race] emanated the Second, called the «Sweat-born» and the «Boneless.» This is the Second Root-Race, endowed by the Preservers [Râkshasas] and the Incarnating Gods [the Asuras and Kumâras] with the first primitive and weak Spark [the germ of intelligence]. . . And from these in turn proceeds:

3. The Third Root-Race, the «Two-fold» [Androgynes]. The first Races thereof are Shells, till the last is «inhabited» [i.e., informed] by the Dhyânîs.

This must seem to the reader ludicrously absurd. Nevertheless, it is strictly on the lines of evolutionary analogy, which Science perceives in the development of the living animal species. First the moneron-like procreation by «self-division»; then, after a few stages, the oviparous, as in the case of the reptiles, which are followed by the birds; then, finally, the mammals with their ovoviviparous modes of producing their young ones.

At all events, this conception is more philosophical than that of Eve with a suddenly created placenta giving birth to Cain, because of the «apple,» when even the marsupial, the earliest of mammals, is not placental yet.

But now we will return to Bible.

How was the separation of sexes effected? it is asked. Are we to believe in the old Jewish fable of the rib of Adam yielding Eve? The rib is bone, and when we read in Genesis that Eve was made out of the rib, it only means that the Race «with bones» was produced out of a previous Race and Races, which were «boneless.»

Even such belief is more logical and reasonable than the descent of man from the quadrumana without any reservation; as the former hides an Esoteric truth under a fabulous version, while the latter conceals no deeper fact than a desire to force upon mankind a materialistic fiction. This is an Esoteric tenet spread far and wide. It is almost universal under its various forms.

Endowing of the Man with Mind

Every world has its Mother Star and a Sister Planet. Thus Earth is an adopted child and a little sister of Venus. Since Venus has no satellites then it has adopted the Earth - an offspring of the Moon. The Ruler of Venus has loved his adopted child so well, that he incarnated as Ushanas and gave it perfect laws, which were disregarded and rejected in later ages. The evolution of Venus is ahead of the earthly one for the whole step. «Humanity» of Venus is the next higher step comparatively to the Earthly humanity. «People» of Venus are the spiritual prototypes of ours and the Lord of Venus is a Spiritual Keeper of our planet.

In the middle of the evolution of the Third Race the representatives of highly developed humanity of Venus came to our Earth. Those were «the Sons of Wisdom» (Manas-Putra), Light Beings who were mentioned as «the Sons of Fire» because of their sparkling appearance. They settled on Earth as the Divine Teachers of a young humanity.

Some of the «Sons of Wisdom» acted as the carriers of the third wave of Life of Logos, bringing a spark of the monadic life into the bestial man. The Mind or Manas was formed out of that spark. The Ray of the Divine Mind illuminated the sphere of so far sleeping human mind. Thus the individualization of the spirit occurred, the involution of the spirit into a form. And that spirit, enclosed in the fiery body, is a soul, the individual, the true man. This is the hour of birth of the man. For though his essence is eternal, it is neither born nor it dies; his birth as an individual is quite fixed in time. Human soul, created «after the Divine Image», has started its evolution.

In the Secret Doctrine, which is dictated to E.P.Blavatsky by Kut Hoomi and El Morya, the key to the mysteries of evil, the so-called Fall of the Angels well speaks, and the many problems that have puzzled the brains of the Philosophers from the time that the memory of man began. It solves the secret of the subsequent inequalities or intellectual capacity, of birth or social position, and gives a logical explanation to the incomprehensible Karmic course throughout the millions years which followed.

When «Sons of Wisdom» have gone down and have seen low forms of development, that filling process by own Fire of Spirit was an electoral. One had been gave the Holy Spirit to another only its «spark». One, has got «spark» had remained the deprived knowledges, spark was blazed weakly. That, whose consciousness did not yet get ready - were remained the deprived reason. Those who were «ready», than were became the Arhats, or Sages. Those who were «half ready», who received «but a spark,» constitute the average humanity which have to acquire their intellectuality during the present evolution. While those which «were not ready» at all, the latest Monads, which had hardly evolved from their last transitional and lower animal forms at the close of the Third Round, are in present time among the various races of men-the savage Bushman and the European-even now.

Those tribes of savages, whose reasoning powers are very little above the level of the animals, are not the unjustly disinherited, or the «unfavoured», as some may think-nothing of the kind. They are simply those latest arrivals among the human Monads, which «were not ready»; which have to evolve during the present Round.

One remark may prove useful, as food for thought to the student in this connection. The Monads of the lowest specimens of humanity-the «narrow-brained» savage South-Sea Islander, the African, the Australian-had no Karma to work out when first born as men, as their more favoured brethren in intelligence had. The former are spinning out Karma only now; the latter are burdened with last, present and future Karma. In this respect the poor savage is more fortunate than the greatest genius of civilized countries.

The First fall

Further to Bibles there is a fall scene. After the division of floor the Third Race fell-and created no longer, it begat its progeny. Being still mindless at the period of separation, it begat, moreover, anomalous offspring, until its physiological nature had adjusted its instincts in the right direction. «Lords Gods» of the Bible, the «Sons of Wisdom,» the Dhyân Chohans, had warned it to leave alone the fruit forbidden by Nature; but the warning proved of no value.

And those which had no Spark took huge she-animals unto them. They begat upon them dumb races. Dumb they were themselves. The tongues of their progeny remained still. Monsters they bred. A race of crooked red-hair-covered monsters going on all fours. A dumb race to keep the shame untold.

Moreover, the «ancestor» of the present anthropoid animal, the ape, is the direct production of the yet mindless Man, who desecrated his human dignity by putting himself physically on the level of an animal. The ape we know is not the product of natural evolution but an accident, a cross-breed between an animal being, or form, and man. It is the speechless animal that first began sexual connection, for it was the first to separate into male and female. Nor was it intended by Nature that man should follow this bestial example-as is now shown by the comparatively painless procreation of their species by animals, and the terrible suffering and danger of the same in woman.

The ape is indeed a transformation of species most directly connected with that of the human family-a bastard branch engrafted on their own stock before the final perfection of the latter. The apes are millions of years later than the speaking human being, and are the latest contemporaries of our Fifth Race and consequently, they form an exception to the general rule.

The legend of the «Fallen Angels», contains the key to the manifold contradictions of human character; it points to the secret of man's self-consciousness; it is the support on which hinges his entire Life-Cycle-the history of his evolution and growth.

On a firm grasp of this doctrine depends the correct understanding of its. It gives a clue to the vexed question of the Origin of Evil; and shows how man himself is the separator of the One into various contrasted aspects.

When the Third separated and fell into sin by breeding men-animals, these [the animals] became ferocious, and men and they mutually destructive. Till then, there was no sin, no life taken. After the separation the bliss of the first races (Satya Yuga) has come by the end.

The Gods were the Rulers of Mankind from the beginning, when, incarnated as Kings of the «Divine Dynasties,» they gave the first impulse to civilization, and directed the mind with which they had endued men, to the invention and perfection of all the arts and sciences.

They have appeared as Benefactors of People. A fire extracted by means of a friction, was the first secret of Nature, the first and main property of a matter which has been opened to the person. Fruits and cereals unknown before on the Earth, have been brought by "Son of Wisdom" from other planets for using. So, wheat is not a product of Earth - it has been never found in a wild condition. Civilized folk of the Third Race under the direction of their own Divine Rulers constructed extensive cities, developed arts and sciences, knew astronomy, architecture and mathematics in perfection. Lemurians built their own huge rocky cities from rare ground and material, from igneous lavas, from white marble of the mountains and black underground stone. The first big cities have been built in that part of continent, which is nowadays known as island Madagascar.

At the dawn of his consciousness, the man of the Third Root-Race had thus no beliefs that could be called religion. That is to say, he was not only ignorant of «gay religions, full of pomp and gold» but even of any system of faith or outward worship. It was the «Golden Age» in those days of old, the Age when the «Gods walked the earth, and mixed freely with the mortals.» When it ceased, the Gods departed-i.e., became invisible-and later generations ended by worshipping their kingdoms-the Elements. Then It was the Atlanteans, the first progeny of semi-divine man after his separation into sexes-hence the first-begotten and humanly-born mortals-who became the first «sacrificers» to the God of Matter.

So the great symbol of Cain has been created, for worshipped Form and Matter-a worship which very soon degenerated into self-worship, which reigns supreme to this day in the symbolism of every exoteric religion of ritual, dogma, and form. Adam and Eve became matter, or furnished the soil, Cain and Abel-the latter the life-bearing soil, the former «the tiller of that ground or field.» Though Сain is a symbol of the first person of the male's beginning, Aveli – is the first human being of the female beginning.

People have strongly proud of that, they are similar to Gods The «Fallen Angels,» so-called, are Humanity itself. The Demon of Pride, Lust, Rebellion, and Hatred had no being before the appearance of physical conscious man. It is man who has begotten and nurtured the fiend, and allowed it to develop in his heart; it is he, again, who has contaminated the Indwelling God in himself, by linking the pure Spirit with the impure Demon of Matter.

The mainland and people of the Third Race

Neither Africa nor the Americas, still less Europe, existed in those days; all of them slumbering as yet on the ocean-floors. Nor was there much of present Asia; for the Cis-Himalayan regions were covered with seas, and beyond them stretched the «lotus leaves» of Shveta-dvîpa, the countries now called Greenland, Eastern and Western Siberia, etc. The immense Continent, which had once reigned supreme over the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans, now consisted of huge islands which were gradually disappearing one after the other, until the final convulsion engulfed the last remains of it. Easter Island, for instance, belongs to the earliest civilization of the Third Race. This continent of the Third Radical Race presently was called Lemuria. Approximately it looked so - on huge horseshoe mainland.


The earliest humanity was the race of giants. First Lemurians were 18 metres high. Men went on steadily decreasing in stature with each next subrace and finally, some millions of years after, they reached six metres. Statues raised by the Lemurians in scales of their own stature are witness to their bodies. Most of gigantic statues discovered on Easter Island, a portion of the submerged continent of Lemuria, are all between 6 and 9 meters height.

The Easter Island relics, for instance, are the most astounding and eloquent memorials of the primeval giants. They are as grand as they are mysterious. Lemurians were of super-human tremendous physical power, which enabled them to defend themselves, and hold at bay the gigantic monsters of the Mesozoic and early Cenozoic times. Weird and terrible animals were co-existent with man, most probably attacked man, as man attacked them.

Being surrounded in Nature with such monstrous creatures, person could survive only because he was a colossal giant himself.

The end of Lemuria

Global geological changes always accompany the birth and death of the Great Races. They are occasioned by the change in the inclination of the earth's axis. The old continents are sucked in by oceans, other lands appear, and huge mountain chains arise where there had been none before. The face of the Globe is completely changed each time It is a law which acts at its appointed time, and in strict accordance and harmony with Karmic law.

The survival of the fittest nations and races was secured through timely help; and the other ones - the failures - were disposed of by being swept off the Earth. There will too occur and presently.

After the time when the Third Race reached the culmination of its development, it started moving towards its decline. That process reflected on the main continent of the Race - Lemuria; it began to sink slowly. The immense continent, which had once reigned supreme over the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans, now consisted of huge islands which were gradually disappearing one after the other. The largest relic of the huge continent now is Australia. The small remnant now known as Ceylon is the Northern highland of the huge ancient Lanka island where the Third Race ended its career. Lemuria was destroyed by the action of volcanoes. It was sunk under the waves, owing to earthquakes and subterranean fires. The cataclysm which destroyed the huge continent was due to a series of subterranean convulsions and the breaking asunder of the ocean floors.

Descendants of the ancient Lemurians at the present time are represented by the black skinned peoples of the so called Ethiopian type: Negros, bushmen, Australians, etc.

The Beginning of the Fourth Race. Atlantis

A lot of millennium back there was very high civilization, much higher, than all subsequent achievementsof mankind back. But the earthquake followed to the earthquake, and countries left on an ocean floor. Atlantis is not the unique sunk continent One of them has left under water of ocean which now is named Atlantic, so over a surface there were only mountain peaks. These peaks now form islands. This not at all name, like Tibet or India. This is a notion, meaning land, sinking without trace. Atlantis - «the lost land», is an original word meaning. It is not all the name, like Tibet or India. It is the concept meaning the land, sunk without a trace.

The Fourth Root Race - the Atlanteans - began its existence about 4-5 million years ago. At that epoch the Third Race was nearing its decline. The major part of Lemurian continent was still existed. The new Great Race was generated on a point of land, now there is a middle of Atlantic ocean approximately. That continent was formed by the coalescence of many islands which eventually rose and turned to great continent - Atlantis. The people of the Fourth Race originated from selection of the chosen ones from the seventh subrace of the Third Race. The first Atlanteans were smaller in height than the Lemurians, but still were giants.

The state of the first Atlanteans can be called the infantile. Their consciousness has not reached the level of consciousness of the last subrace of the Lemurians. Therefore their development was going under the direct guidance of the Great Instructors of humanity who have endowed the Third Race with mind. The Hierarchy of the Great Brotherhood incarnated amongst the first Atlanteans as their Rulers. From those Divine Instructors the Atlanteans received the faith in existence of the Highest Cosmic Being penetrating all the existing. Thus the cult of the Sun has been established as a symbol of that highest concept. In order to glorify the Sun the Atlanteans ascended mountain summits. There they built some sort of stony circles representing annual Rotation of the Sun. Those stones were placed in such a way so that for the man, standing before altar in the middle of a circle during summer solstice, the Sun would appear behind a certain stone And during the spring equinox the Sun would appear behind another stone. The same circles of stones served for other astronomical observations regarding the far-off constellations.

Symbol was the only form with whose help one could approach the idea of that essence of Cosmos which penetrates everything being inexpressible. Thus the symbol of the Sun was glorified in the marvelous temples mounting all over the continent of Atlantis. At that time any images of a Deity were forbidden. A disk of the Sun was the only emblem worth to represent the head of a Deity. And that image was kept in even temple. That golden disk was usually placed in such a way that the first ray of the Sun lights it up at spring equinox and summer solstice. Written language was the invention of the Atlanteans and it was used by them. They wrote on thin metallic plates, the surface of which reminded of white porcelain. They could reproduce and manifold the texts.

All sciences were studied differently those schools than in ours The main task of teachers was the development of latent psychic forces of a pupil. They attained that through experimental acquaintance with sacred particularities of plants, minerals, jewels and also the chemical process of transmutations of metals. The majority of people possessed the abilities of governing the psychic forces at that time Especially outstanding people studied at the high schools or universities. There they specially developed latent individual forces. Great importance in farming was attached to astronomy which was not an abstract knowledge at that time. Sacred influences affecting the life of animals and plants were also the subject to study. And the Atlanteans could use that knowledge. The way to draw rain on one's wish was also known. Not to talk of the development of arts, that of music even in the Golden Age epoch was very imperfect. The form of musical instruments was quite primitive. Life also never reached the high level of perfection. Each one, who had means or possibilities, considered it as his duty to put his wood or stony statue in a temple Wealthier citizens cast their images of gold, silver or bronze. The main branch of art at that time was the architecture. Dwelling houses, even in the cities, were surrounded by gardens. The Atlanteans liked bright colours and painted their houses both inside and outside. Special substances like glass, but less transparent, let the light inside the houses.

Public buildings and temples amazed with their massiveness and giant scales. The temples consisted of huge halls like the giant halls in Egypt. The temples were decorated with towers: ornaments and frescos of the rich corresponded to their wealth. The towers served as observatories and for the cult of the Sun Temples and public buildings were decorated with artistic encrustations and golden plates Public constructions usually consisted of four buildings, surrounding the central yard in the middle of which there was a fountain.

The Atlanteans used highly developed techniques. They realized the idea of aircraft or the flying machine. Usually those machines accommodated not more than two people. But some of them could take up to six or eight people on board. The impellent power was some sort of ether. In the centre of a craft there was a box serving as a generator of that power. The Atlanteans also had sea vessels set into motion by the power similar to one described above. In this case the motive power was of denser composition. Later when wars and civil dissentions put an end to the Golden Age, military aircraft replaced the sea vessels. And they were built as military transports so that they could accommodate up to 100 soldiers.

The End of Atlantis

The Destruction of Atlantis About one hundred thousand years after the Golden Age the decline of the Great Race of the Atlanteans had started. At the times of the Third Race the bestiality of the «mindless» ones manifested through generation of big human-like monsters. Those were the descendants of human and bestial parents. As time passed the descendants of those creatures changed in consequence of external conditions. And finally those creatures decreased in scales and cultivated in monkeys of the Miocene period. The latest Atlanteans resumed the sin of the «mindless» ones with those monkeys. But at this time the monkeys, known now as the anthropoids, appeared.

After the moral fall the spiritual fall followed. People fell into madness instead of working for the general good under the guidance of the Great Instructors and in cooperation with the great cosmic forces of nature. Taking the example from their masters the animals rushed to torment each other. This amoral influence of the man on the animals is lasting till our days. The breeds of big cats, trained by the Atlanteans and fitted for hunting, could be the example of those circumstances. With time those cats turned into the blood-thirsty leopards and jaguars.

Kings, the majority of clergy and a considerable part of the nation started to use the sacred powers ignoring the Laws ordained by the Initiated Ones, thoughtlessly neglecting their councils and instructions. The connection with the Hierarchy of Light was broken, Personal interests, the thirst for wealth and power, destruction of gods with purpose of enrichment were capturing the consciousness of masses more and more. Sacred knowledge, being directed against the purposes of evolution, turned into black magic and witchcraft. Luxury, brutality and barbarism had been increasing more and more until the bestial instincts started to act fully. Sorcerers and adepts of the dark forces disseminated black magic and increased the number of people who have cognized it and have been using it incessantly.

When perversion of evolutionary laws reached its apogee and the Golden Gate City became a real hell because of its brutality, the first terrible catastrophe shook the whole continent. The capital was wiped off by the ocean waves. Millions of people were destroyed. The emperor was repeatedly warned about that catastrophe as well as the priests who fell off from the Hierarchy of Light.

Under the influence of the Light Forces, who had foreseen the catastrophe, the best part of people emigrated from that area before the catastrophe. These were the most developed members of the Race, who had not given way to the general madness. They knew the law of the world and preserved the right understanding of the responsibility and control over the psychic powers. This first catastrophe happened at the Miocene epoch approximately 800 thousand y ears ago. It significantly changed the distribution of land. Great Atlantic continent had lost its polar areas and the middle part of it decreased and got split. At that time American continent separated with a start from Atlantis which had generated it.

Atlantis had been still stretched upon the Atlantic Ocean, occupying the space from 50 degrees North to some degrees South wards from the equator. Also the considerable lowerings and risings of the mainland occurred in other parts of the world. Thus the separated North-Eastern part of Atlantis generated huge area: the British islands were the part of a big island, embracing Scandinavia. Northern France and the closest seas surrounding them. The remains of Lemuria decreased more, while future territories of America and Africa considerably widened.

About 400 thousand years ago the Great Lodge of the Initiated Ones was transferred from Atlantis to Egypt. The White Lodge demanded purer environment and therefore was transferred to Egypt. At that time Egypt was a deserted and thinly populated place. There the Great Lodge of the Initiated Ones could unimpededly continue its work for the next 200 thousand years.

About 200 thousand years ago the White Lodge has founded the empire where the first «Divine Dynasty» of Egypt was ruling. And that dynasty began to educate people. At that time the first detachments of migrants from Atlantis arrived. During ten thousand years which were left before the second catastrophe two big pyramids in Gisa were built. There were big halls where the rituals of initiation took place and where the powerful talisman were kept for the period of cosmic catastrophes, foreseen by them. The second, less considerable catastrophe occurred about 200 thousand y ears ago.

The continent of Atlantis split into two islands. The Northern big island is called Ruta and the Southern one is called Daitya, island of Scandinavia joint to the European continent at that time. Some changes occurred on the American continent too. Egypt submerged. After the catastrophe the efforts of the Light Forces, acting under the guidance of the Hierarchy, had good results for some time after. They kept the saved population from black magic. About 80 thousand years ago the third catastrophe occurred. It exceeded the first two ones in its strength and brightness. Daitya disappeared almost completely, while only a small part of Ruta island - Poseidonis island remained. In that epoch before the disappearance of Poseidonis there always ruled the emperor of the light dynasty in some part of the continent. He acted under the guidance of the Hierarchy. The emperor opposed the spread of the dark forces and led the majority of people to pursue a pure and lofty life. Always the emigration of the best minority of people was organized before the catastrophe. Those emigrants were guided by the spiritual leaders who had foreseen the calamities threatening the country. The initiated kings and Teachers following the «good law» were warned about the approaching catastrophes beforehand. Those leaders were the centres of the oracular warnings and saved the faithful chosen tribes. Such emigrations occurred secretly, under the cover of night.

In 9564 BC powerful earthquakes destroyed Poseidonis. And the island submerged into the sea, having evoked the giant wave.

New religions were appeared in world of the people, which have been created by the priests, aspiring to subordinate to itself people by means of the knowledge. Soon almost all priests have forgotten about the Higher Race - all of them cared now of keeping own authority. And even wisest of them could not tell already with what all it has begun when all it has been occurred. They have attributed all misfortunes to anger of God and began to profess the doctrine which asserted that the person is born in a sin.

Aryan Root-Race. Europe

The fifth Continent was America; but, as it is situated at the Antipodes, it is Europe and Asia Minor, almost coeval with it, which is generally referred to by the Indo-Aryan Occultists as the fifth. If their teaching followed the appearance of the Continents in their geological and geographical order, then this classification would have to be altered. But as the sequence of the Continents is made to follow the order of evolution of the Races, from the First to the Fifth, our Aryan Root-Race, Europe must be called the fifth great Continent. The fifth Root Race which costs nowadays at the head of human evolution, has occurred from the fifth subrace of Atlanteans. The Most outstanding families of this subrace have been allocated and installed round southern coast of the Central sea of Asia, long before destruction of Atlantis.


Bamyan is a small, miserable, half-ruined town in Central Asia, half-way between Cabul and Balkh. Not far from this town there are five enormous statues The largest is 52 metres (173 feet) high The second statue, cut out in the rock like the first one, is 36 metres (120 feet) in height. The third statue is only 18 metres (60 feet) high: the two others are still smaller, the last one being only a little larger than the average tall man of our present race. The first and largest of the Colossi represents a man draped in a kind of toga.

These five statues belong to the handiwork of the Initiates of the Fourth Race, who sought refuge, after the submersion of their continent, in the fastnesses and on the summits of the Central Asian mountain chains. Moreover, the five statues are an imperishable record of the esoteric teaching about the gradual evolution of the races. The largest is made to represent the First Race of mankind, its ethereal body being commemorated in hard, everlasting stone, for the instruction of future generations.

The second - 36 metres (120 feet) high - represents the sweat-born; and the third - measuring 18 metres (60 feet) - immortalizes the race that fell, and thereby inaugurated the first physical race, born of father and mother, the last descendants of which are represented in the Statues found on Easter Island; but they were only from 6 to 7.5 metres (20-25 feet) in stature in the epoch when Lemuria was submerged. The Fourth Race was still smaller, though gigantic in comparison with our present Fifth Race and the series culminated finally in the latter.

Evolution of Root-Races

Evolution of Root-Races

Look at the picture, there is all our way on mother Earth. The sixth day of creation, written in Bibles - the cycle of the descent into matter and the cycle of the ascension from matter. It is stated in Sacred John's Apocalypse. It also is our history, is short stated above, its past and the future. And here is how John states the records

Two cycles are stated by me in the Apocalypse Continue