Theosophy about history and religion part II

You already know that we have come to this world millions years ago. We have come in order to pass the necessary stages of the evolution and to acquire invaluable human experience.

Many hundreds millennia have passed from the times of the events which are described in the Bible as the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt in about 850 000 years. Moses was really incarnated on Earth with the mission to lead the Fifth Root Aryan Race from the continent of Atlantis to the continent of Eurasia which had been formed just before that. Much later these events were modified and transformed in the legends and tales of many folks and then handed down to the contemporary readers in the shape of a narration in the Bible.

But these events are much more ancient. See Exodus chapter 32 and also click here

In the first part of Holy Bible, there are various prophecies basically which all were already executed on the present. It is a pity, but the New Testament of our teacher Jesus also has been deformed. Only sacred John's Revelation is not corrected obviously because of these lines: "And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book".

But once again there were those who subverted it to their own ends. About sixty years after its inception a large convention was held in the middle east city of Constantinople. Here many priests foregathered. Many of them perverted men who had depraved sexual desires and who looked upon heterosexuality as unclean. Under their majority vote the real Teachings were altered and made women appear unclean. They now taught - quite erroneously - that all children are born in sin. They decided to publish a book about the events of sixty years before.

Writers were hired to compile books on the same lines using as far as possible the tales and legends which had been passed down (with all their inaccuracies) from person to person. For year after year various committees sat to edit, delete and alter passages which did not please them. Eventually a book was written which did NOT teach the real Belief, but which was in effect advertising material to enhance the power of the priesthood.

Throughout the centuries which followed, the priests &- who SHOULD have been assisting the development of Mankind &- actively hindered it. False legends have been propagated, facts have been distorted.

And distortions have begun with an impregnation question. Yes there is an impregnation by unusual way - passing the union of man and woman. And if a child is conceived as a union of two loving hearts, it's a virgin birth. For example, sacred Padma Sambhava, who was born by mind.

But Jesus has been conceived in love by the usual way. By his example he showed the world that any person, living by his commandments should be the Son of God.

In the New Testament 85 times Jesus is called the "Son Of Man"; 70 times he is called a man. And having executed the mission, only on court he had told: "nevertheless I say unto you, Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven" (Matthew 26.64).

There are sufficient materials showing what was sacred and most ardent hope of Jesus, with which he began to teach and with which he died. In his great love for mankind, he considers unjust deprivation of the knowledge got by few. He preaches unity of spiritual God, whose temple is located inside each of us, and in whom we live as He lives in us - in the spirit.

This knowledge was in hands of the Jewish adepts of Hillel's school and of kabbalists. But "scribes" and lawyers have gradually run into dogmatism of the dead letter, have already separated for a long time from true spiritual teachers and practising kabbalists were pursued by the Synagogue.

That is why we find Jesus exclaiming: "Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered". (Luk,11,52)

At that time many people came to look at miracles and wonder which were created by Jesus, and much less people came to listen to its doctrines. And only his 12 closest disciples were able to perceive that secret knowledge which he imparted. This knowledge differed greatly from the religious beliefs of that time.

But he kept teaching, because he was to sow the grains of the Truth in the hearts of at least a few of his followers. There is a big precipice between the doctrine which Jesus has brought into the world, and that doctrine which is being given now in Christian churches. click here

The greatest self-conceit of mankind, that God has given us his doctrine through the prophets which has been written down in the Bible, and has ceased to train us.

We constantly are under the care of the Higher Beings of our Universe, and God always cares of us.

"However, if we were to give up our control, humanity would not be able to survive on its own even for one earth day. You are always in ward of the Higher Beings of this universe. Your civilisation will be destroyed within 24 hours as soon as we stop putting energy into supporting your civilisation" Lord Shiva.

And the Bible for a long time has became already dogma, though "the Truth is present in any dogma, but in order for this truth to be understood by new generations of people, there is a need of a person to come and to renew again the people's perception of the Divine Truth.It has always been like this. And it is the same as when you dig out a well and use water from it. You get used to drinking the water from this well because there is no other place where you can get it. And even when the water after some time starts stagnating, you put up with this water for you don't know how to find a new source. And here comes a new person who digs out a new well. You try the water warily because you know that the water can be different and sometimes it is even possible to get poisoned by it. Long time passes away, until all inhabitants get used to the new well and start taking water from it. This is just the same with giving the new Teaching" Jesus.

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This site is named in honour of the brightest star of the sky not casually. The star Sirius is one of focuses of the Central Great Sun of the Universe in our sector of Galaxy, it is chakra, through which transmuting Divine energy to the Earth.

It also is that well with holy water which the mankind waited so long.