What is impossible to live without


All this is written for those who are trying to understand themselves and others, who goes through his life do each step carefully. Sometimes people think over the question, "which is impossible to live without" and get, as a rule, the same answers there are: air, food, clothing, housing and money of course.

But there is another conception, without which our life would be mere existence. This is a happiness, we wish it to each other and want it. Let's try to understand what is it and why we cannot be happy. Our happiness is often associated with such notions as much of anything there are a beauty, a sex, a game, when dreams come true, a silence, a family, an art, a freedom. Happiness of each person depends from his level of consciousness.

Many people are being happy after long waiting of happiness. For example people released from prison are being lucky on the first moments of the freedom and really they are feeling an euphoria. Or who dreamed about brand car and bought it. Or a very hungry man is full-fed finally, or you have waited a long time when your darling will answer you consent, or you may win in casino. But how long does last such happiness. People are able to notice the harmony and beauty of the surrounding world feel like states for much longer, when they are in such conditions as the nature, in a theatre, an art gallery, a Philharmonic society, etc. But creative people are happy longer. How nice to have the satisfaction of well done job. But it is more pleasant to be happy during the work sometimes feeling the hot flashes of inspiration. How long would not have lasted this state the person is feeling a flight of his soul.

These moments remembered and we want to feel the happiness again and again we are feeling elect of fortune. But if a person does not feel a state of bliss and freedom the flight of his soul he does not live. He is a dead man as a zombie. But all want to live. And so many people live only to feeling the happiness at all costs not thinking about consequences. The meaning of life of such people is to avoid suffering and to be as close as possible to the pleasure. Every happy moment of pleasure they consider a gift of fortune and remember it all their life. They don’t want to work, to suffer, to seek, to fight, to wait if we can experience the pleasure and feel the fullness of life rather quickly. The choice of such people is simple there are cigarettes, alcohol, sex, gambling, hobbies and narcotic drags.

In fact, such people take positive emotions for the happiness. But still, the happiness is the state of the inner. And what do we have inside there are the soul and the spirit. Between these the soul and spirit there are connections from thin ethereal matter, have a bilateral dimension, from the subtle world is in a tight and back. This links depend from the lifestyle of person and have been developing in different ways.

With every puff cigarettes the respective nerve centers are activate, a composition of the blood have changed and the person feels the condition of rest, a very temporary. A subtle connection between the physical body and the soul become coarse, because emanations of tobacco are crude. Many vibrations have damped, the energy of the subtle world wade worse and worse. What about the flight of the soul we can say, when the contacts with it are lose. The happiness of man moves away with only one smoke on the seven days of. It is impossible to feel myself in higher etheric octaves. The same thing happens when we often have a coffee. Alcohol also blocks the way to soul, but from there (from the astral plane) way opens, because thin protective ethereal material is burned by alcohol. And all sorts of nasty astral entities - (larvaes), begin to eat the psychic energy of man daring him to terrible acts.

Narcotic drugs stronger burn protective material disabling the physical brain and man in his consciousness is into the lower layers of the astral plane. Artificially rising to the same level junkie temporarily feels the illusion of happiness. There are much varied vile creatures, capable to accept any kind of and luring the victim. For a minute of pleasure person gradually fall into slavery from which it is difficult to get out. Only spiritual energy is able to cure this. But how to get to my Higher I AM – or the spirit, when the connection would be coarse stronger. It's a vicious circle leading into oblivion.

For many people the highest happiness is simply sex. There was no happiness without sex. Because it gives so many pleasant feeling and emotions, minute experiences of life and the desire to repeat them again and again. After such meeting it is now easier to pull the strap of life because today a couple of minutes you were happy and took a gulp of fresh air. And waiting for the next time will promise ghost of freedom. I hope you've already read about the issue of sex and understand that people have exchanged between themselves energy during intimacy and theirs karma too or their unsolved problems, taking upon themselves the karma of another person. Well if you have a permanent partner and if not at one time the mass of karma may become critical. In addition during the sexual intercourse huge amounts of energy release and if you abuse it you will become a losers.

The next category of the people is gambling players and fans artificially raising the level of adrenaline. Yes, real player will not get up from the table until he wins. His task is to insist on his own, to prove his strength. And on the way to his dream he goes on all, puts anything even the last one. In such moments the man not even hide their internal state is experiencing a strong emotional upsurge and if the stakes are high, it looks like to the flight of the soul even for inspiration. Even if he lost he still felt «life» and was at the highest emotional upsurge at the limit of his life forces. But the spent energy in this way is not restored it has not increase. In fact a man rapes himself loses his force, causing an artificial rise of emotions. Win even a large will only a consolation because the player paid himself, his energy, his life for such flights of the soul. It has understood not at once, but he feels that his life has lost its taste became uninteresting. And again to feel the illusory happiness he needs to put everything on the game table. So until he loses completely. Loss can crush him as a person.

Add one more category of people experiencing something like this is a policy. They get their positive emotions pleasure or illusory happiness of belonging to a great cause. He understands what's involved what does the right work and from this he is well. But you should understand these people create a huge amount of negative energy of the karma going on about his insane ideas and to compromise with his conscience.

All of these cases and you can add more have doomed to defeat so all these people are just burned their but in fact the God-given energy and don’t compensate it. Every person has an amount of energy from birth which we freely dispose and happiness directly depends on its quantity.

And yet all these categories of people grab the illusory happiness because they do not have enough love. And they live in a world of illusions and meaninglessness try to feel the ghost of freedom, play in a love, replace it substitutes, trying to forget that soon this «happiness» will be over and again have to put on the neck of the usual "clamp".

From the very beginning these people have set before themselves the wrong task or mission is to achieve happiness. When the purpose has achieved it becomes uninteresting. The people put the conditions of happiness by their mind and try to achieve it. But if there are no these conditions no happiness of course. All this looks like at a standard slavery. And if you were on a desert island without all the usual things make you happy.

Whether or not these conditions are also necessary on a desert island most likely no. Condition of the task initially was wrong because the source of happiness searched outside. To feel short-term state of soul flight and satisfy their desires many ignore their principles following the lead of their ego. But already the next day from the previous evening's fiesta there is nothing there is a feeling of dissatisfaction and a heart melancholy, which is naturally due to the wrong choice.

Happiness is the process of creative activity and of life itself. And this mechanism of happiness there is in each as an integral part of nature, we must only to live in harmony with it and according to its laws. Whom we can call a happy - of course the people in whose hearts the love lives. Man every motion which is full of meaning and a heart full of love goes through life happy. He just lives by these principles and it is enough to him.

But many people hinge on to the object of his love. And if someone lost his darling it can be a tragedy for the person. We will talk separately on this subject. Many take feelings and passions for the love, but it is only shades of love, amorousness is not love, feelings may be even the opposite. But real love is unconditional and is Divine quality in fact. Actually when a person is afraid of anything to lose or he dreads that someone would cause him a harm it arises from the lack of love. In addition there is still the power of love what is more the man is lucky.

It would seem that the actions of a person can be absolutely correct. He can regularly goes to work, goes in for sports, studies well, even is praying for or providing charity, helps the neighbor, but what he would do, it would lead to a deplorable result, if his intentions were not painted by love. And the fruit of such action will be rotten. So if I were you, I would not do anything rather than take up any activity without being filled with Love. Because the karma is a result of your deed will be negative in this case. Koot Hoomi

Read further. What about happiness can dream the people involved for example to the production of alcohol, including the owners of the shops and sellers. After all they create their own karma. Anyone was under of alcohol and had committed a serious crime and the blame also falls on the above-mentioned persons.The amount of karma is directly proportional to the happiness. This applies not only to alcohol and all that man supports by his consciousness, for example it seemed harmless viewing pornography. You see - so to maintain it industry, you see so you don't have enough happiness and try to replace it substitutes. People use alcohol because they do not feel happiness, walking through life they need dope. What a group of people we can call happy? Of course, there is a children, they are clean and bright, they are still full of energy, they do not waste it in vain, they have yet to solve complex tasks of life, they have not yet established themselves karma by reason of the wrong solution of these tasks. There is more karma so there is less happiness. And the conclusion suggests itself. Do you remember the words of our teacher Jesus: I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 18.3). In fact the meaning of life is to grow your consciousness to the spiritual world - the Kingdom of Heaven. The one who came in contact with him knows his beatitude. And the one who lives in it all the more. Many religions promise happiness and the Kingdom of heaven after the death, but The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say, ‘Here it is’, or ‘There it is’, because kingdom of God is within you. Luke (17.20). But it is impossible to acquire in the heaven world the qualities which people neglect them in the earthly life. What is not understand here, will not be realized there. If you don't understand here, that the happiness is within us that is the moment when the person is in the highest state of consciousness, there you will not have Paradise. And when a person is happy, he does not need anything, he was satisfied and ready to share their joy with the world. First the happiness shines from time to time in your heart, then it lights up straighter and finally constantly, and not depending on external conditions.

How many of us have this state of inner happiness in our hearts, alas, no. One can easily calculate time, when he is happy how long does it last. Of course if you constantly focus on your problems, which has created the same, you will not get anything in addition to these problems. The cheapest and free thing is not available to most of the population of the Earth.

All articles of this site permeated by one and the same idea, that all the wealth of this world, the whole meaning of existence is in our hearts. But these articles are intended for those, who have the power to look at his reflection in the mirror. Happiness is being in state of the highest consciousness. It is a pity that people don't want to make your first step inside myself, but prefer to chase the illusory happiness - money.

You're familiar with the game in happiness, when people show each other their bubbles and on the question «are you happy», say «I'm good». Sooner or later this deception the game of the rich people in the illusory happiness becomes obvious, look at their eyes, did they have lucky eyes. Hardly anyone knows how properly dispose of their wealth. Most often it does to satisfy whims of their own ego, because that is a mistake on the path to happiness. And again recall that teacher said: Indeed, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye or a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. (Luke (18.25).

But there is another way to be happy, for example, you can simply buy celestial flashlights. It is beautiful sight especially on the threshold of the night. It is enough to write their own desires on the flashlight and let them go to heaven and you will be happy. You can choose how to live or you continue to play in the illusory game, risking just sink into oblivion because of the wasted energy, or venture to look into your heart. Do not believe anyone who says that will make you be happy, it is a merit of personal, for others bill it is impossible enter into Paradise.

But there are no hopeless situations if a person is able to act. He just must find the task. And so the task will help him to regain his strength and make a decent fate. We know many examples of such fates. These were the outstanding people. But they started practically from scratch! So you can too. The time will come when your spark will light and the flames that burn inside of your will be capable to light the way for many people lost their souls. You are burning themselves, but you light the way for others.

"You always know full well what to do and how to act. But then your carnal mind intervenes and whispers loudly: “Are you insane? It will be disadvantageous for you. What conscience? What dignity? You will lose your position (or something else from the mythical values of your world)”. And you keep listening to the human logic and miss a chance to act according to the Divine Law. At fist sight, following the Divine Path does not provide any benefits in your world - neither money, nor fame. Quite the opposite, you forfeit much that is considered to be of high prestige in your world. But you acquire other values. You acquire happiness, peace of mind and you become capable of experiencing the true feeling of Love. You will not come across the direction signs of the Divine Path anywhere. But the compass and the map of the Divine Path are always present in your hearts from the very birth and until the transition. There is nobody outside of you who is to blame for your neglecting your inner knowledge and following the path that “everybody follows”. Do not strive to walk a broad road that leads nowhere. Walk along the narrow, hardly distinguishable path that leads you to the eternal life. I have said enough for those who are able to understand".


A teaching about happiness