Diabetes treatment

Through the feedback form I received a letter from a woman whose daughter has a diabetes. She asks the question about this disease. And I decided to put the answer on the website.

I believe that nothing new to say, although for someone it will be useful. Diabetes is diseases in which the person has high blood glucose, because the body's cells do not respond properly to insulin. Patients with high blood sugar will usually experience frequent urination, they will become increasingly and hungry. Many doctors believe that the diabetes is inherited. But every disease has a cause and effect.

Diabetes is an endocrine system disease, it is a violation of its balance. The roots of this disease come from far, from past incarnations and it is close tie with the improper expenditure of sexual energy.

reason of diabetes

All endocrine glands would have their harmony an energy balance and if there is a constant dissipation of the energy of the sex glands, an imbalance comes of all endocrine system. Perhaps it is depressing, but the actions of many people in the previous embodiments were far from perfect in this respect, even being legally married. In general, mankind wasted potential, dooming themselves to disease and degeneration. Have a sex needs it is one thing, but chases for pleasures is another. No matter how old is your child, talking with him as an adult. Do not rely on school education.

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The first condition of cure is to clearly realize, that no one is to blame for our illnesses except for us. All medicines are auxiliary, they support the chemical composition of blood until you learn to control it using own inner forces. How you decide for itself and so it will be to hurt or to heal. Until you do not accept and will not understand the law of reincarnation and karma, it will be difficult to throw off an illness. If you understand yourself, of course, help your children. It seems that children are an innocent - we came in peace with the baggage of karma.

Diabetes treatment is usually limited to receiving antidiabetic drugs and control of the glucose level. That of course you must do. But this is not a treatment, but it is an external balance using adjustment methods which can lead to insulin dependency. On this it makes the business. By the way the most important source of insulin is the root of the dandelion.

You spent sexual energy many years and many want to take a magic pill and to become healthy. All this seems ridiculous. How much energy spent at one time, so you need to do now. And first it must be a spiritual energy - the highest level of your consciousness, what you are capable of. There are no such obstacles that you can't win. The human potential is enormous. Be in a state of prayer, meditation, the most sublime thoughts, thus the vibration of human cells increase clots of dissolve negative energy and changing the genetics, the DNA code and your destiny.

If you learn and understand this you can teach your child. Constantly protect your children from everything that reduces vibration: horrible music, meat food, watching of the endless TV and surround they the harmonious environment: be on the nature and etc.

Don't fight with the disease externally, but increase your immunity and disease itself retreat. Good health is impossible without high morals. Best wishes.