Sex diseases

sex diseases

And now we will talk about illnesses arising from misuse of sexual energy.

All illnesses are the result of incorrect acts, thoughts, uncontrollable emotions and desires. Though it is the result of the total absence of thoughts more likely, because we don't want to follow the basic laws of nature which we are part. And one of these laws, there is the rhythm or recurrence law.

At the present time we simply don't notice our cyclic sexual impulses and don't obey sexual rhythms. But human life would be controlled by specific rhythms, and only women obey them. Men don't control their cycles generally and even violate the rhythm. The law of Cycles defines tides, control world events. And one of the main reasons of illnesses of a person is inability to subordinate his intimate needs to cyclic control.

Venereal illnesses inherited from the past and remind us of the excesses and the deviations practiced at the time of Lemuria. It is so ancient that the soil is sated by microbes of these illnesses - the fact is absolutely unknown to a modern science.

For centuries people suffered from these groups of infections. The people who have died of venereal illnesses were buried, but this infection was remained in the ground. In principle, it would be taken the low to burn the dead bodies of humans and animals from any infectious disease.

At the time of Lemuria, the main emphasis placed on life-force physical body, on its development, use and management, as well as its reproduction. They connected with misuse of sexual energy have at that time begun. It was that time when troubles begun associated with the misuse of sexual energy. It was in special sense primitive harm and in the earliest written sources, there are ancient legends and hints on it.

Many certificates are interpreted incorrectly and when people can read these records more truly and with correct interpretation, they will find a way out because they will be clearer to see an original cause. The cancer is a gift to the modern person from the mankind of Atlantis, and the scourge of this illness was the primary factor which has amazed settlers of ancient Atlantis.

The roots of this terrible evil hide in the emotional nature, in the nature of desires, and are in the astral body. Partially the reason of occurrence of cancer is the result of reactions to illness related to sexual life, which are so rampant in the late period of Lemuria and in the early days of Atlantis.

At that time people saw terrible disasters and scope of illnesses which were generated by the abundant life of Lemurian life and were the result of sexual libertinism and they have tried to inhibit a natural stream of desire (a live stream if it is expressed through the reproduction and reproduction centers) it for the sake of self-preservation, and it has led in due time to other disasters. The cancer is the illness of suppression first of all, just as the syphilis are the illness of the unreasonable use of one of aspects of a human body.

The great original sin in the Lemurian time was sexual by its nature, and is caused not only the inherited tendencies, but also to unusually dense population of this civilization, and its close relation to an animal kingdom. The source of venereal illnesses is in those times. In the minds of ignorant people there is a beautiful representation that primitive races are free from of these type infections and that many sexual illnesses are as a rule illnesses of a civilization. It isn't so from the occult point of view. The true knowledge denies it.

The Lemurian race has practically destroyed itself thanks to incorrect use of the sacral center, which was the most active and dominating of the centers at that time. The endurance of the human body was greatly weakened, from the strong stimulation of the sacral center, through the big sexual demand. The new great law of the nature had been established by planetary Logos, which was possible to put into words: "The Soul that sins, will die".

Over the centuries, when the Lemurian race obeyed the evil impulses of animal nature, there were gradually begun to appear the earliest types of sexually transmitted diseases. Over time the whole race became infected and died by them, as nature inexorably took its toll. Then the mankind has precisely learnt what is evil, because evidences of this evil were physically obvious and quite clear. Punishment was obvious and results were immediate - The Teachers of race watched that cause and effect have been realized at once. At the same time for the first there was a tendency to marry as an alternative to libertinism. The formation of family units has been the object of attention and aim for the most highly developed. It was one of the first problems undertaken by the Hierarchy and the first step to the first lesson of responsibility.

The matrimony was not such stable what it is now, but even its rather short duration was a huge step forward. Gradually the sense of responsibility grew, isolation of a family cell constantly amplified, yet it has not reached peak in our today's system of marriage, especially in the West where the monogamy was established. It has led to pride of the western person of his gentility, to his interest in genealogy and family connections. And of course the sexually transmitted diseases start to cause horror among thinking people of the West.

You must understand correctly, if you pay attention to the fact - that's where the desire is suppressed, it happens today with many seeking - there will be all kinds of diseases - a cancer, lung problems, some complaints about the liver, and also so awful illness, as a tuberculosis are possible. Illnesses of suppression are numerous and serious, as you can understand under this list. It is necessary to notice that if suppression is not present, but the desire is impetuous and uncontrolled, there are such illnesses, as a syphilis, homosexuality, all inflammations and fevers. The illness type corresponds to temperament, and the temperament depends on a quality beam. People of different beams are predisposed to various illnesses.

One of the basic sources of a cancer is suppressed from the better promptings of the sexual life. Since ancient times there are those who find the doctrine of the Middle Ages - monastic and celibate. Actually, it leads to the accumulation of too much considerable quantity of the concentrated energy in any part of a body. While good, but ignorant people learnt that sex is evil, something that is impossible to mention, and a source of many ills and troubles. Normal reactions resolutely choked and all thoughts on sexual life rejected instead of operating and transformed into creative activity. However, the energy follows the direction of thought, and as a result, there is particularly a charming type of energy has attracted more and more cells and atoms. So the tumors and cancer are extended today.

Poor sex life or a situation where a person does not have a normal realization of this natural process is the subject of constant internal unconscious thoughts lead to such effects:

- to a condition of large decline of vital strength and, as consequence, to the inevitable bad health inherent in certain type of people - to so-called "old maids" and "old bachelors". There is no need to notice there are many unmarried people who conduct normal life and do not fall into this category;

- to the constant attempts to attract the attention of the opposite sex, sometimes reaching up to an unhealthy degree;

- to the development of homosexual habits or to those perversions which deform life of many intelligent people;

- to tumors, which affects the reproductive organs and often leads to operations;

There are also other parties. But it is already told there is enough to show the danger of feeling, of disappointment and painful interest in sex. It is possible to find acknowledgement to in dreams which connect a brain, a mind and reproductive organs together and prove the fact the astral desires causes a physical inclination. It shows the statement that the physical body automatically responds to astral control while unconscious during the hours of sleep even.

You well know the way of treatment it is full of creative external life, especially one benefits the person and society. In all cases unreliable energy can cause a variety of stresses and reactions leading inflammation and diseases of bodies impacted energy. Glands are there in the abdomen, major and minor, endocrine and lymphatic - have a strong influence thanks to its hypersensitivity, and are a powerful source of any complications. Then it leads to diseases of the endocrine system.

When the race will develop correct emotional control, we will see gradual disappearance of a phenomenon of a cancer. It isn't correct to control and to suppress impulses of sexual desire by the violence willed method. The secret of healing from cancer - lies in the correct transmutation and eventually it will understand. It besides we will see later. Through correct rhythmic sexual life and through correct proportional accent on all phases of person life the absolute immunity from the tuberculosis will come and through a secret of the correct understanding the periodic creative reproduction, the disposal of harm of social illnesses will come also.

Any excessive excesses are harmful to the person, and it is necessary to learn gradually to transform the sexual energy, doesn't stop its suppression, and doesn't spend in vain this divine energy, but guides it in the right direction. In the world of the phenomena of the average person, the emphasis has been done always on pair mutual relation of the sexes, all our novels, plays, cinema, and also hobbies of all men are testifying for it. The creative beginning expresses itself mainly in the race reproduction, carried out through relations of the man and the woman. That is right, good, and is a part of a Divine Plan.

And as it was specified earlier, people are mistaken much, approaching to a subject from two different sides. Ones inhibit natural desire and place emphasis on a celibacy, others, especially now, run into the other extreme measure - they deplete normal sexual desire due to the expense of full dissoluteness, permissiveness and perversions, destroying themselves and will putt a basis of misfortunes in the future of this life and on many following embodiments.

Doctors know that various diseases of a throat conduct to infertility in both men and women. And diseases of a throat and the endocrine system are often caused by an excessive expenditure of sexual energy. Astrologists know a strong interrelation between two opposite signs it is the Scorpion (the sacral center) and the Taurus (the throat center).

It is known to any student of the occult sciences that the energy flows to where we direct our thoughts. The human person and is caused by the activity or passivity of the power centers (chakras). And the energy, which centers directly, can be controlled and operated by the spiritual person. The sexual energy of the sacred center (Muladhara) must be transmuted and lifted to the throat center (Vishudha). This is the occult alphabet of the sex transmutation.

The true transmutation is in the proper sense of proportion in relation to any phase of human life. When people learn to understand the role which sex must play in everyday life and learn to concentrate the thought in the throat center, this center will automatically engage the forces of the sacred center up the spine, then a normal sex life will be streamlined, but not atrophied, and take its rightful place as one of the conventional abilities and needs of that gifted people.

Then sex becomes, first of all, the way of creation the bodies are required for an embodiment a human monad. Thus, by avoiding all extremes, by initiation of bodily energies to higher goals, the current misuse of sex will give the way to ordered life and the proper use of this major bodily function.