What is a dream?

lucid dream

All the readers of these lines most likely believe they see dreams. We sleep one - third of our life. The ability to see a dream is such phenomenon, which acquaints with everyone. From long times ago people look at the dream as a sign, a revelation, a prophecy, even there are those who predicts the future on the basic of dreams. Anyone believes that the dream is the result of imagination, realization of the desires which are arising when the mind does not control the body. All this is absolutely wrong. The concept to see a dream is incorrect too, the dream is not a process similar to watching TV. There are interpreters of dreams and dream books - interpretation of dreams, where in since ancient time people have written down their observations of what they have seen and what it meant, but their interpretation is very subjective. I hope that after reading this article, a book of dream interpretations will be no need for you any more.

Now we’ll take at once the following – we will consider a phase of deep sleep. The serious obstacle facing us is our limited consciousness (Higher – I AM). First, it is limited by three dimensions. If you suppose the idea that there are also other dimensions, it will be easier for you to understand what the dream is. Secondly, the consciousness is described by the level of development. The animals have no consciousness, but dreams are inherent in them. Any person can even go beyond the limits of the dream in general, but we are still far away from it. The third fact is the consciousness is described by purity of the motives of the person, his ego, emotions, desires, thoughts.

The dream is much more than just simply a rest on the physical plane. A man is not only just a physical body, but also we have a soul and a spiritual body. Each body has its own brain. During the sleep, the physical brain is resting, it cannot exist without a rest. And the dream is not in the physical brain. The dream in general is nowhere, the dream is another dimension. During the sleep, we in our thin body get into the next dimension into the astral plane or the mental plane; or into the first layer of the spiritual world - a causal plane. «And many individuals living on Earth do not even think about the fact that there is another reality, a world which is inaccessible to our physical sense organs». Everyone looks at his surroundings, through his aura, a «glass» created by himself with the help of his habitual thoughts and motives, which settle in the subconsciousness (the human soul). He looks at the world through this environment and sees all arround tinted by his colors and his own vibrations.

association lawWorking at school, I spoke with the pupils about the dream and conducted a simple experiment which was clearly describing the above. This picture you see painted on the board with a question: what did it mean? There were such answers as: two Suns, two tablets, two bicycle wheels, the wheels of the car, a woman's breast, two gramophone records and two compact disks. All the answers were wrong.

Here is a good example how the law of associations works. A man sees a small detail and it starts to associate with a certain image or the situation in which he was, or thought about it, with his accumulated experience stored in the memory of subconsciousness. There are two circles with dots in the middle, drawn on the blackboard. While the person doesn’t learn to fully control his thoughts and feelings, he will not see anything such as it is, as all his observations will be made in this environment which deforms and paints everything as badly made glass.

Especially strong this effect is when we see an object first. When we look at familiar objects from the past experience, we recognize them from memory at once. Actually, sunlight and ether are reflected from these objects or objects with the appropriate vibrations and affect the retina of our eyes, and the sensitive nerve fibers inform the brain of these vibrations. A person who was born blind, but who received the sight as a result of an operation can't know what the objects he sees for some period of time and can't know about their distance.

The same is right for a child, perhaps, you have seen the children trying to grab hold of something, for example the Moon, but when they grow up, unconsciously they train with the help of repeating previous experience. Even the adults can be deceived with regard to the remoteness of any unfamiliar object, if it is under a feeble light.

What should we say about the astral plane, where every desire of the person and his thoughts, immediately grow into an astral being, which comes to life. We see that, every thought creates a double effect - an emitted vibration and a floating form. Any image created by human imagination does exist in the astral plane. That's why the astral plane is also named as a plan of desires. Any idea materializes immediately. So, there is a problem of distinguishing images of natural elementals, the images have been created by us, created by other people and larvaes who are able to make any kind of appearance including the appearance of the saints.

If you are capable to discern elementary things on the physical plane and are able to understand people, to see their internal essence, but not what they speak about, you can try to make your dream comes true. But let's talk about this later. Until then we will try to understand the reason why so many people see nonsense during the sleep.

It has already been mentioned that each body has its own brain, in addition, between bodies there is a subtle connection. The purity of this connection between bodies depends on the lifestyle of the person and accordingly the ability to conduct information without distortion, from the thin environment into the thick one and the ability to objectively look at the surrounding world.

A meat diet, alcohol, smoking, drugs, coffee, all egoistic desires, impure thoughts, a lack of love in the heart of course are a strong obstacle to an objective perception. The communication between the bodies becomes coarse, a person doesn't remember what he did during his night sleepy journey, the information, which he received in the etheric octaves highly distorted and perceived wrong by the physical brain.

Besides, any influence during the dream on a relevant brain causes certain fluctuations and reactions, which are manifested in the inability objectively to estimate the information. Our brain is the center of the nervous system and highly influenced by even minor changes to our health. Between a physical body and an astral body there is a conductor - an etheric body (a body of emotions). During wakefulness and during the sleep it is in a physical body. Any splashes of negative emotions make holes in the etheric body, which then are reflected in a physical body. Of course poor-quality emotions also effect connections between the bodies and ability to objectively to get information. As a rule the psychics work with the etheric body.

It is known that any change of the blood feeding the brain in quantity, quality or speed – immediately causes corresponding effect in the brain and through its affects the nerves throughout the body. For example, if the brain has not enough oxygen - it doesn't get the usual norm and therefore is unable to work correctly. Any processes taking place near the sleeping person find their reflection in the dream - in the astral plane and distort them in an incredible degree. These are various kinds of noises, touches, a lack of fresh air, a good digestion in the stomach etc. For example, an easy tweak is perceived as a sting of a dog, and a too warm blanket can become a suffocation reason in the dream.

Another source of confusion as mentioned earlier is the law of associations. For example, we know in wakefulness a random word or musical phrase or a familiar odor cause in the mind the flow of long-forgotten memories. The astral body is more sensitive to external impressions. Any direction of thought to a particular place becomes for it the literal transfer in the space.

The better one's ability to concentrate his thoughts are organized, thea are not jumbled like a swarm of flies, he can more adequately travel in the dream. But an ardinary person seemingly does not possess control of his mind at all, he hardly knows what is he thinking about during a concrete moment.

In a dream, there is an ocean of thoughts of other people, which is immediately realized to images and the astral brain is in much stronger connection with these mental streams. The man always thinking about one and the same or susceptible to non-stop waves of desire naturally falls in similar situations in the dream. Similar thoughts are attracted to each other. Scientists find themselves in a world of science, the sexually preoccupied fall under the adverse influence of various astral entities. All depends on the level of our consciousness as well as what surrounds the man during the sleep. It is not only the people and their aura, but the walls of the room which keep a lot of secrets. All that surrounds a person has its effect on the dream.

The last thought in the mind of a person also has great importance, when immerses to a dream. If a person enters this condition and is concentrated pure on and noble thoughts he will attract around himself a similar environment in the astral plane. His rest is effective, the mind is clear and closed to the lower beings since, he launched his brain to work in the right direction.

If on the contrary, he falls asleep with dirty mundane thoughts, he attracts to himself all coarse and evil creatures which are nearby and his dream will be impaired by wild impulses of passion and desire, he is not able to get up to the higher layers of thin planks. Some people having low level of consciousness and strong mundane desires can have no dream at all, some others are capable to keep confused recollection of night adventures only from time to time. When we fall asleep, we leave the physical body and actually have very remarkable possibilities. Poets, composers, scientists get their inspiration and receive information from higher etheric octaves when they are into the dream. People who aspire to get knowledge during the night dream unconsciously or consciously get an education. But first it is necessary to note especially importance of raising our thoughts on to the highest level, we are capable to reach before falling into a dream. Before you assimilate lucid dreaming, you have to learn to see and notice all pecularities in features displayed of your dreams. The root of clear thinking lies in ability to observation, so it is necessary to develop the habit of observation and to refuse from an idle stream of uncontrollable imagination and try to develop the thought and be able to control it. And we must constantly control our desires and passions in every day life.

A world of the dream just seems a world of illusion but as a matter of fact, the dream is the supreme reality, actually most people are not ready to be there and first of all, because, of unwillingness to develop the most important thing in their life - consciousness. Now there is a gradual rapprochement of the thin and the physical worlds. In the course of time humanity will gradually pass to live in a condensed astral plane. In the heyday of Indigo race people will be in a sleep not 8 but 16 hours. But to fall outside the limits of a dream means really to live in the next dimension, to carry out a conscious entry the astral plane.

But the conscious dream, it's not astral travel which is impossible to confuse with the dream. For such travel it is necessary to observe many conditions and it is not only to provide absolute silence in the place, to be far from an urban megacity, but also to stop eating light food not less than 3 hours before and not to be exposed to bustle during the day and to be adjusted to entring the astral sphere and have ability to meditate.

First it is necessary to believe that it is really possible and also it is advisable to read literature about peculiarities of the astral plane (for example by C. Lidbiter, L. Rampa). Second, the person shouldn't have bad habits, his passions should be tamed and thoughts should be controlled. astral plane

But the most important, is the motives the person, is guided by.

1. If it is astral espionage in which special services are engaged or a desire for superiority and even the power, it is an incorrect motive and it's doomed to failure, because it leads to nonexistence, and karma is created on the astral plane there is much more of it than in ordinary life. «A lot of individuals create much more karma in their dream than during the vigilant state of their consciousness».Koot Hoomi

2. If this is only the way to prove to yourself that there is life after death, it is not too bad, because, as this process is absolutely the same as and at the end of life and there is nothing terrible in it.

3. But it is better, if it is for the natural spiritual growth, for advancement on the path of evolution, for selfless work and helping others. And the ability to go out of the body to the thin world doesn't yet talt about the highest spiritual achievements. If you had read the article "became a chela" there it is told about the harmful effects of the astral plane. Not the work on the astral plane and not even learning from Lords gives us advance on the Path, but the growth of our consciousness; the qualities required for this can be obtained in our most ordinary life.

If a person leads his consciousness steadily upward, his inner quality in the end will start to open up. The light inside of the heart will burn brighter and brighter. And until it shines regulary and not from case to case it is not advisable to enter the astral plane. Exactly this spiritual light will reliably protect us from any kind of astral entities and serve as a reference for their recognition. And then to go to one's dreams will no more mean for a human to fall into oblivion, but it will be a step in to the life more complete and noble without weariness where the soul is always learning to help humanity.