Sex problem

«Who has told you, that sex is dirt? All life exists through the sex, all life grows from it».
Sex problem

It is a very serious problem because people live in full ignorance about sex even in the twenty first century. Anxious sexologists flash only on TV, offering another medicine for potentiality increase. There is no such a disease as impotence in the nature, beside its animals are not present, because they don't read any specialized books on sex, and don't listen to any Johnsons, Freuds, and so on.

Male problems are those that many think they are impotent men, but actually the impotent man is a big rarity, and it happens only from a physical injury. Of 100 impotent men 99 simply think that they are impotent men. Actually, the person is the only representative of the animal world who becomes an impotent man. Anxiety creates impotent men. Where had we learnt for the first time about sex - from gateways and pornofilms. Alas in no one medical college sex is taught as a separate subject, not to mention secondary school. Such an immensing important subject and is not taught till now.

Certainly, the big blame lies on "the sacred" church considering sex as something sinful and always undesirable, as that is necessary to overcome, suppress in itself and to hold somewhere in the heart of Christian consciousness, as dirty secret. Not a secret that the greatest collection of pornography is in the Roman Catholic church, they look and define that is a pornography and that is not.

Do you know how the procedure of detecting a sex of Roman Pope passes. For all history of papacy once the woman was the Roman Pope, and they learnt about it not at once, it was a "sacrilege". And now Roman Pope sits down on a chair in the form of a toilet seat with naked ass, and others brotherhood pass under it and certify his sex.

These glances have always caused a powerful return reaction of a sexual dissoluteness, which has now reached its peak, and it as all strong reactions is undesirable and dangerous too, therefore it so wrong. In the future sex will be a doctrine instead of entertainment, and this doctrine will come from a synthesis of the best views of spiritual teachers of both hemispheres, the East and West, the mystical and scientific approach to this secret. By means of developed consciousness and through the correct legislation sex will gradually start to be perceived as good and divine function and will be supported in this quality by correct education of the young and ignorant, and also by correct actions of the young and very intellectual future generation - today's children.

The problem of sex has arisen from the fact that the subject is difficult for understanding. Only to the fool all is clear that there is nothing to think about - it is necessary to take pleasure. But then it is necessary to pay off for this pleasure. The difficulty is everyone believes that only his point of view is correct and it is enough. No, dear experts, there is always possibility to learn. This difficulty is sex is one of the basic needs, one of the major instincts. Besides, this subject is rather intimate and society has reduced this natural function just to dirty secret.

This intimate of the subject of sex has led to the fact, that it is viewed as an episode about which is better not to speak, as one of the theme avoided by decent people instead of perceiving it as instinctive and natural process while is as necessary as functions of eating and drinking. It is here where the key to the whole problem is. And to solve this problem, it is necessary to understand the law of karma and evolution first of all.

The attitude of sexual life of the undeveloped savage and the attitude of it of the conceiving and spiritually focused person can seem so far from each other as though it has no common ground in general. However in its base both these relations are closer to each other and to the reality, than the relation of the modern regular person. The first has no karma or a sin as the savage is moved by instinct, the second one also does not create karma because he is motivated by love. But the middle - the modern "civilized" person has wallowed in dissoluteness, sin and karma as he is moved by mind and desire to take pleasure.

And this motive leads to full degradation of the individual, society, and human civilization as a whole. And though we shall not talk here about the history of evolution of races, but it would be nice to know about it. After all, sex has turned a man into apes. This was atavism in the chain of human evolution on the Earth, unplanned branch which made the Universe shudder. Also we shouldn't forget the history of town of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Breeders of dogs and horses do not allow the breeding of a thoroughbred pedigree and non-thoroughbred. Only one case of breeding between a pure-bred dog with a non-pure-bred one leads to violation of genetics. Telegony science has not been canceled, so fat. The first man formed the girl's genetics.

And be very attentive to read further. If a man or a woman within half a year had sexual relations, with at least two other partners, it would have been better generally not to be born. If the girl till a marriage has drunk once 100 grams of vodka, it is better not to have children as the evolution law has been violated. Men's genetics can be restored for three months of sober life, a woman is once sufficed. Okay this is off topic. If someone had to leave his partner, the next intimacy should be no earlier than half a year. And what are we seeing? Sex became a sport, instead of the highest creation of the Universe. But it isn't necessary, to condemn anyone, the person has a huge potential. And vibrations of strong true love can change much, including DNA code.

Let's try to clear our mind of the false and illusory sights, beliefs, preventing a person to see the truth, and thus help him to find a gold thread of light which will lead him at the right time to the correct decision. The problem of sex, which we now face, has no immediate solution. Throughout centuries, people have incorrectly used the God-given function. People have refused that belongs to them by the right of birth, and due to their dissoluteness and weakness, due to insufficient control, have opened an era of illnesses, both intellectual and physical, an era of wrong opinion and illusory relations for eradication of which some centuries are required. All this has led to the fact that monads are not yet ready for real life come to embodiment, normal conditions for them have not been created. As it is well known undeveloped souls come into incarnation more often, but the more advanced souls need a longer period to learn the experience.

In fact, the situation in the world in regard to sex, is so critical and serious today, that there isn'acute;t at present such a thinker, who would see a way of its decision and the exit from present impasse. Such long-established traditions and customs and their resulis can confuse the clearest minds. The pursuit of only physical results of the sexual relations which are carried out in legal marriage or out of it, have resulted not only in present day situation, but also in the majority of illnesses, in madness, vicious propensities and various divergencies victims fill now our hospitals, nerve center, sanatoria, prisons and madhouses.

Our young people, especially the teen thinkes of idealistic type, find themselves face to face with a situation that is destroying their best intentions. They do not know what to think about and what to believe. They look at marriage or get married themselves and do not find usually anything but misery, legalized prostitution, poor health, unlawful search for relationships outside, unwanted and neglected children, tensions resulting from improper choice of partner, divorce - and any answers to their numerous important questions.

They begin to look at other ways at the lives of those who escaped the family responsibility, and do not find anything there except poor, often hidden, sexual life, disease as a result of suppression of natural instincts, the worst psychological problems, sometimes illegal children, sexual deviation and growing tendency that is called homosexuality. They are shocked by inability to find answers to their questions and are in complete confusion. They address to the world thought, to find a solution out there and help, but do not get neither clear answer, no a solid philosophy, as well as fundamental explanation. They can only offer common sense, having forbidden all excesses and those actions which can be injurious to their health. They can be reminded of morality of past years, can be warned of those results, which inevitably lead to violation of the laws of nature, when the physical body lends itself to an uncontrollable desire. They be given an example of virtues of "simple life" and even the fact that they are children of God. All this is both good and correct, and useful. At the same time it does not offer any real solutions to the problem, it is not clarified so their confusion remains. They can appeal to the religious-minded people or address an orthodox clergyman.

They may be called to be good, they can be given an example of some saints. But it is very rare that clear note sounds in the chorus, and seldom it possible to get more than the proclamation of the great law of Moses: "You should not ...". For most of the young people of this generation looking for answers, it isn'acute;t the fact that God said so-and-so, or the Bible orders this, an other or smth.else, it does not satisfy their need to know "why." Heaven, where self-discipline, self-control and sexual abstinence will receive fair compensation, seem to be so far to overcome the temptations of the world around and the urgent internal needs of the individual.

The fact that many resist "the temptations of the flesh", is a wonderful truth. The fact that everywhere there are men and women who live life clean and untouched by the pernicious influence, is a wonderful fact too. There are developed souls, whose life is far from the animal beginning and whose daily acts are supervised by mind, and they make glory of mankind. Of course there are those who abstain from fear for punishment. Consider now one of the problems - the problem of suppression of sexual energy, though it seems now that there is no problem, but it is.
sex ethic

Sex - it's not our creation: it is a gift from God. It is a joy! It is a divine gift to enjoy and celebrate. It is participation in a great feast, which is existence itself. Everywhere where there is a beauty, there is sex. The flower is so beautiful - have you seen? It's sexy too.

The bird singing in the morning near the hermitage is fine, but have not you wonder the fact that it is a sexual invitation? She invites a partner, looking for a partner, a loved one. There is nothing wrong with a pure simple sex. This is natural, when two love each other.

Sex between people appeared at the time of Lemuria, at the division of sexes. And at the same time, sex is the law of attraction. For many people, intimacy is the ultimate happiness. But in our childhood an ice cream or a toy was happiness. It is necessary to be beyond the limits of sex, and when you are bored, then and only then people will start to take interest in God - to seek God within. And someone will be able to enter a real spiritual life (not a monastery or church parish ), and be born again, as there will be a link with the Higher "I Am", and the intimate happiness that cannot last for ever will seem as bright and strong.

And how can you go beyond the limits of sex, if many people suppress their sexual energy. Depressed person remains to be interested in sex, a man who does not have a woman will always be interested in sex and the woman always find man too. That is why there should not be a suppression. The suppressed person remains to be interested in sex, remains to be afflicted in sex, therefore it will be better to sate a sex and soon after you will finish with it. But at the same time you shouldn't forget about the karma law, and rules of Divine ethics.

Sex ethics

"Thus, no matter how strange my instructions and recommendations seem to you, please simply listen to them from the beginning. Before an act of sexual intercourse, please, bring your actions into line with the Will of God. You must be in lawful wedlock with your sexual partner. You must never have homosexual intercourse or sexual intercourse with accidental partners. Why is it so necessary to be in lawful wedlock with a constant partner? The point is that during the performing of your matrimonial duty a direct exchange of energy between your partner and you takes place. Communicating with people, you constantly exchange energies, but your energy exchange during sexual intercourse is multiplied greatly. In fact, you exchange all your energies - both good and bad ones. You take upon yourselves the karma of each other and you share your merits with your sexual partners. And if you are in lawful wedlock, then during your mutual life you have an opportunity to work out not only your own karma, but also the karma of your spouse, if the latter outbalances yours.Now imagine that you are engaged in sexual intercourse with many partners. And imagine that the percent of the karma they have worked out is much less than yours. And their karmic loads can be much heavier than yours. They might have come to this world to work out their karma of a murder, of a betrayal or of some other dire kinds of karma. And when you absolutely thoughtlessly have sexual intercourse with them, you take upon yourself a part of their karma. And if at the same time you are in lawful wedlock, you take this karma upon your family. And how can you be shocked when all your life problems crop up after that? Sexual energy has the same nature as the energy used for creation in your world. And when you waste your sexual potential for pleasure, you deprive yourself of creative energy and limit your evolution. In reality, such an abuse of the sexual energy results in the absolute incapability of the majority of people for the higher creative activity because they are too devastated when they approach maturity. They are simply incapable of becoming co-creators with God and of performing any creative work in your world". Paul Venetian.

Do you like it? We go by the way of evolution approximately as on mountain top, to complete the Earthly school, and behind themselves pull a cart of karma, which we should have to work out the right choice, otherwise the mountain is not up. With each new partner, our car is getting harder, and at once the mass becomes more critical…. But we go further. When a person is satisfied, the sex loses its meaning, it's a great day, a great moment in our life. We live in the body and the body has its needs, which must be satisfied. And if you need to grow as a total unity, then we need to accept everything, nothing can be rejected. Of course, everything has to be used for a higher harmony. Sex has to be accepted, used and left behind, not rejected, but left behind. How long is it necessary to get a minute pleasure, and then state like happiness? But the next step on the Way such a condition will be constants without any sex.

But until you learn orgasm, how can you go further. Someone has felt orgasm, and now all would like it. If you do not have orgasm - it's not sex. But the orgasm can not be permanent, most sex is a relief. People set a goal - to reach orgasm. But the orgasm itself comes in a natural way, as once was the first intimacy. Orgasm has nothing to do with the sexual organs as such, it is within us.

Sexual organs are included in it, but it is in the whole all the body and not just physical. Ejaculation - is not an orgasm. This is a very local discharge, sexual discharge - it's not an orgasm. Discharge - is a negative phenomenon: you simply lose the energy, if this was love, then get it, but an orgasm is absolutely another thing. The orgasm is a condition where our body no longer feels, it vibrates, shivers, as though electricity passes, the orgasm becomes united with outer space. It vibrates so deeply to the ground that you completely forget yourself and find yourself different. And our beloved ones pulsate too. The sexual energy must be accumulated for orgasm, abstinence and even better separation of two loving hearts is often necessary.

The body becomes an orchestra that plays charming music of love and thanks. But if you hurry, orgasm becomes simple ejaculation, it isn'acute;t any more orgasm it is local and tiny, almost meaningless. By the way you feel tired, frustrated and depressed after that, because energy is lost, and it gave freshness, so it was pointless. Here's a guide - if you shine with happiness and are full of strength after a coition, it means, you have correctly used the sexual energy. Orgasm - it's not a relief, orgasm - it's a holiday. Orgasm is always divine and spiritual, it is never sexual, and without love is not possible.

The one who thinks that orgasm is sexual, it far hasn't understood anything. He knows nothing about orgasmic feelings. But people don't know it because they meet from need, instead of an overflow of energy. When we think about orgasm, when it becomes the purpose, then the orgasm is very difficult, then it is difficult to reveal. That's fine - to play someone's body and feel someone's playing with the body. Just two bodies dance, sing, hug, caress it is a perfect symphony of love, there is no need to think about orgasm, and then it happens. But there was it or not, this is irrelevant.

Such sex is beautiful, but sexuality pushes away, When sex becomes intellectual, when sex comes into your head, it becomes sexuality. The West has created a problem for itself: the man should satisfy the woman, and the woman should satisfy the man. Now both are in anxiety. So, the man tries to understand whether he satisfied the woman. If she is not satisfied, something lacks in him, he is no longer quite a man. And when you start to feel like you're not a man, you're going in the wrong direction - more and more difficulties will arise in you. You will begin to be afraid, you lose trust. A woman continues to try to understand whether she has satisfied the man. If she feels that man is not satisfied, or if she feels that man has not reached his ecstasy, which is now being preached throughout the world, she feels that something is lost in her. Now both become uneasy, and a great act of love is perverted.

Then there is another problem: people make love too much. They have made it almost routine. The idea that sex is very hygienic, has been put forward by medical authorities. If you don't make love every day something is wrong here. Now they say it is even possible to have heart attack, if you don't make love. This should be a rare event, a holiday. It should not be boring, it should not be daily food. It is necessary to keep it for those rare occasions when you are really fluid, when there is another space. It is necessary to store it as a gift for rare moments, otherwise life becomes very tiresome.

The first sexual energy comes to the culmination at the age of about 15-16. Of course, it is too early to make love. And not to have something wrong, we make teenagers have separate bedrooms. Girls and boys are held separately, between there are police, prosecutors, government and teachers. They diligently keep boys from approaching to girls, girls from approaching to boys. Why is so much care? They are trying to kill a bull and to create an ox.

And men of science have thought up a word combination as "to live with someone", but it's nothing to say about sex. But to avoid the word sex, they had to make this metaphor - "to live with someone". What does it mean "to live with someone"? Just it don't say anything about sex. All the past of mankind lived with this deceit. But children find it sooner or later. And they find it also in a very incorrect way because there is no suitable person, who is ready to tell them about it. They have to do it. And they accumulate data from all doubtful sources, from wicked men. And adults are responsible for it.

Pornography - is sex, crushed in its natural space, which has established itself through the brain. And there is a lot of danger in this. One danger: if you are fond of pornography much - what's going on around the world - a real man and a woman do not look very attractive. Then there is a big problem: your imagination needs a woman whom you saw in the Internet, but you can not find anywhere this woman - all what you have found isn't what you have expected. Now nothing will satisfy you. Pornography creates the illusion of happiness, thereby destroying it.

All of humanity is still dominated by sex. But happiness is our internal state, and it isn't possible to reach without freedom, no permissiveness, but independence of all.