For those who study the Bible

Listen to our chicken


       Too many people study the Bible. But the Bible is a book for the crowd. There are only 5% of the truth. Because, it was written, using an allegory. An allegory is always used because actual knowledge is a big force, and that ignoramus hasn’t used an advantage of knowledge in their own interest. Any teaching is always given to the students and the masses separately.
       Do you remember that Jesus told to his disciples (Matthew13.10): «The disciples come to him and asked,
       - Why do you speak to the people in parables? He replied, the knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them».
      But there are a lot of missioners in the word are forcing to read the Bible. They can be compared with this parable.
       All along the fence surrounding the poultry yard, swallows seated nervously chattering with each other, talking about many things, but thinking only about the summer and the south, because the autumn was already at the threshold and north wind has expected. Then they left and everyone was talking about swallows and south.
       - Perhaps next year I will fly to the South too - said the chicken.
       So a year passed and swallows return. They again sat on the fence and all fowl-run discussed the upcoming departure aviary chicken. Early in the morning the north wind blew, the swallows soared at once and hovering in the sky, feel the wind fills their wings. They blasted off soaring high and left the smoke of our cities.
       - Wind is perhaps proper, - said the hen, spread her wings and ran out of the house.
      Flapping their wings, she jumped onto the road, ran down the embankment and came to the garden. By evening she came back puffing and panting and told the poultry yard how to fly to the South up to the highway and saw the world's greatest stream of cars rushing by. She was in the lands where potatoes grow and saw people feeding cereals. Finally, she came into the garden.
       It was a lovely rose in the garden and there was a gardener himself.
       - It is shockingly - said the whole poultry yard.
       - And how it is beautifully told!
       The winter last, there were difficult months, spring has begun the new year and the swallows again returned to. But the poultry yard would not agree, that there is a sea in the South.
       - Listen to our chicken – told they.
       The chicken has now become a scholar. She knew as there is in the South, but not even gone out-of-town and just crossed the road. All these missioners like this chicken.
And it is the same as when you dig out a well and use water from it. You get used to drinking the water from this well because there is no other place where you can get it. And even when the water after some time starts stagnating, you put up with this water for you don’t know how to find a new source.
      And here comes a new person who digs out a new well. You try the water warily because you know that the water can be different and sometimes it is even possible to get poisoned by it. Long time passes away, until all inhabitants get used to the new well and start taking water from it