The calculating of a lifetime

The calculation is displayed some factors extracted from the chart:

1. Almutens (the ruler of the House) of the Fourth House means – a tomb and end of the life.

2. Subdispozitor of the ASC, the ruler of degrees, from which Asc begins.

3. Alcocoden, which is directly related to the natural course of life. Alcocoden is a very important index of longitude of life. This is a planet or a ruler of the sign where is the Hyleg. The Hyleg is the name of a planet which represents the life force of person in the chart and his health conditions, life and death.

Classical astrology gives the following rules to determine the Hyleg:

1. Sun becomes the Hyleg, if it is in: I, VII, IX, X or XI House.

2. If there is no this provision, then Moon becomes the Hyleg, if it is in the I, VII, IX, X or XI House.

3. If the Sun and the Moon aren’t the Hyleg, then it will be the ruler of the First House or an Ascendant, or, according to some authors, the ruler of degree where is the Ascendant.

For example: the Sun is in Aquarius, the ruler of Aquarius is Uranus. Thus Uranus is an Alcocoden. Now we need to examine the situation and aspects of Uranus. If it has good aspects, it can be concluded that a considerable number of years of life; if it has no aspects - the average number of years; if it has bad aspects - the lowest number of years of life.

There is important also an Anareta - a planet that is in relation to the Hyleg in the worst aspect. This is the "destroyer of life", this fact was used by astrologers in ancient times to determine the duration of life by measuring a distance and a speed of the Anareta.

All these astrological factors we watch in the natal chart and the corresponding number of arithmetic tables, where using the compliance with signs and houses (for example, Mercury is in the 3rd house – we look at the number that corresponds to Mercury in Gemini, it turns 110 years.

Term life

Amendments to the indications in the table.

In the horoscope there are factors that should take into consideration for further longevity. The planet which is conjunction with the Asc taken into account if it is not more than in one degree and thirty minutes away and only in the First House. The planet in the 4th House on is ignored. The conjunction of planets with the Subdispor or Almutens is ignored. Pars of Fortune which is with the ASC or Nadir or the Cross of Destiny are not counted. If the Almutens or the Subdispozitor of the Asc, or the Alcocoden are in the Royal degrees, the points must be doubled Black Moon (Lilit) and White Moon (Selena) are not used.

Ascending Node increases the number of points in two times.

The Descending Node reduces the number of points in a half.

Stars have a great influence on life expectancy. Now we now consider only some stars. We must add or subtract the number of points for the star only to the arithmetic mean of the number.

The orbs for the stars are very small, it is possible to adhere to the following values from 3 to 7 minutes.

Regulus, Spica, Sirius, Pollux increase the life by 3 times.

Vega, Rigel prolong life twice.

Arcturus adds 15 years.

Betelgeuse, Aldebaran, Antares, Algol reduce life three times.

Algorab, Capella reduce life twice.

If you make up horoscopes of historical figures, you need to know the mistake of the Gregorian calendar.

P.S. The management scheme of the degrees of the Zodiac, compiled by the Kabbalists is incorrect.

The star of the magicians is also incorrect, it was unambiguously written from Earth to Heaven but not vice versa it is concoct a myth.

The correct system you can find out in the book of the author of the site “To Help the Astrologer”, which also has a table that shows the influence of all stars on lifetime. This book is in Russian.