Test Keirsey

радость разговор чтение раздражение

Psychology helps us to understand ourselves and all arround the world.

This psychological test(checklist) of typical behaviors and personal characteristics comprises 70 statements (questions). There are two choices for each question and no right or wrong answers. It is important that you answer all the questions from the perspective of what feels real for you and not try to give answers that you think would sound like how you should behave in any particular situation.
Your task is:

1. To read each statement along with its two possible extensions.
2. To select the sequel, which is peculiar to you in most situations.
Please, set yourself up for the work, answer sequentially, don't skip questions.

1) In the company, out on the roof are you:

interacting with many, including strangers

interacting with a few of your friends

2) Are you a man more:

realistic than inclined to theorize

inclined theorizing than realistic

3) How, in your opinion, what is worse:

to be in the clouds

to follow beaten trail

4) Do you follow more:

principles and laws

emotions, feelings,

5) Are you more likely to:


be sentimental

6) Do you prefer to work:

doing everything right on time

unencumbered by certain deadlines

7) Do you tend to make a choice:

rather carefully

suddenly, impulsively

8) In company, out on the roof are you:

stays up late without feeling tired

quickly tired and prefer to leave early

9) Do you more like:

sensible people

people with a rich imagination

10) What do you wonder:

that is actually happening

those events that will be occur

11) When you evaluate the actions of people, you more consider:

demands of the law, than circumstances

circumstances than the demands of the law

12) Accosting to the others, are you inclined:

to comply with the formalities etiquette

to show your personal, individual qualities

13) Are you more:

accurate, punctual

hasteless, slow

14) Are you more concerned about the need to:

leave things unfinished

bring certainly the case before the end of

15) Among the friends, are you usually:

informed about events taking place there

learn about the late news

16) Do you like to do everyday things using:

common way

your's original way

17) Do you prefer those writers which

are expressed literally, directly

are used analogies, allegories

18) Do you like more:

the harmony of thought

the harmony of human relations

19) Are you sure in:

logical reasoning

practical assessment of the situation

20) Do you prefer when things are:

settled and arranged

not resolved and not settled

21)Are you a person more:

serious, certain

carefree, careless

22) When you phone calls do you:

advance not think through all that is necessary to tell

mentally rehearse what will be said

23) Do you think the facts:

important in itselves

is a manifestation of the general laws

24) Are visionaries and dreamers usually:

irritate you

pretty for you

25) Are you more likely to act like a

cool person

fiery person

26) How do you think, what is more badly to be:



27) How would you prefer to do:

carefully considering all possibilities

relying on chance

28)What do you pleasant to:

buy anything

be able to buy

29) In the company do you usually:

first come into contact with

waiting, when someone will speak with you

30) Do the nous is:

rarely mistaken

often mistaken

31) Do the children often have not enough:



32) In deciding whether are you guided by:

accepted norms

feelings or sensations

33) Are you:

hard person

facile person

34) What is much better:

the ability to systematically organize

the ability to adapt and complacent

35) Do you put more value on:

certainty, finality

openness, multi-variant

36) Do the new and innovative relationships with people:

stimulate and give you energy

tire you

37) Do you often act as the:

practical person

original person

38) Are you inclined to:

find benefits in relations with people

understand the thoughts and feelings of others

39) What do you give more satisfaction:

thorough and comprehensive discussion of the controversial issue

reaching agreement on the contentious issue

40) Are you ruled more using:

the mind

the need of your's heart

41) Do you better to make the job:

by prior arrangement

which turned up by chance

42) Do you normally rely on:

organised nature


43) Do you prefer to have:

many friends in the a short period

some old friends

44) Do you go by:

facts and circumstances

general provisions, principles

45) Are you more interested in:

production and marketing of products

planning and research

46) What do you probably regards as a compliment:

you are a very logical person

you are a fine sense person

47) Are you more value in itself:

the tranquility

the keenness

48) Do you prefer to speak:

the final approval and certain

the provisional and ambiguous statements

49) Do you feel better:

after a decision

not limiting youself to the decisions

50) When you talking with strangers, you:

easy carry on a long conversation

do not always find a common topic of conversation

51) Do you trust more:

your experience

your presentiment

52) Do you feel like a man:

more practical than ingenious

more ingenious than practical

53) Who does deserve more endorsement:

the reasonable, rational person

a man is very worried

54) Do you like to be more:

direct and impartial

sympathize with people

55) What is in your opinion preferable:

to make sure that everything is prepared and settled

to provide events to take their course

56) Are the relations between people must based on:

at the preliminary mutual agreement

the depending on the circumstances

57) When the phone rings, do you:

hurry up to come first

hoping that will approach someone else

58) Do you value in yourself more:

the developed sense of reality

the vivid imagination

59) Do you add importance more:

that is said

how that was said

60)What does it have the great error:

the excessive ardor, fervor

the excessive objectivity and impartiality

61) Are you more:

sober and practical

hearty and responsive

62) What situation do you like more:

regulated and orderly

not regulated and are not sorted

63) A you a man more:

pedantic than capricious

capricious than pedantic

64) Do you like to be:

broadbrow and accessible to people

restrained and secretive

65) In literary works do you prefer:

literally, concreteness

imagery, figurative meaning

66) What is more difficult for you:

to find common ground with other

others use to your advantage

67) What do you want more:

the clarity of thought

the ability to empathize

68) What is worse:

to be undemanding

to be more choosy

69) Do you prefer:

planned events

not planned events

70) You tend to do more:

deliberately than impulsively

impulsively than deliberately