Homosexuality problem

This problem is now, and there are a lot of persons needing the help. This problem would be solved by everyone independently. The son or the daughter, or our favorite one also can get into this class of people. Homosexuality is growing now, both male and female. Let's remember the rule of divine ethic about sex. "You must never have homosexual intercourse or sexual intercourse with accidental partners". This problem is, because the people satisfy their ego and don’t want to listen to nobody. But let's look at each person with the understanding, the tolerance and let's remember the commandment of the Teacher: "Don’t judge and you will not be judged too. Don’t condemn and you will not be condemned". And there is no sinner without a future. But it is also fair that it is impossible to save those who themselves do not need this salvation”.

A lot of heterosexuals cannot understand homosexuals. Somebody thinks homosexuals are a degenerate, a lewd person, they are unable to control their desires or believes they are a sick. Thousands books have been written on this subject by psychologists, doctors and homosexuals too. The last protect desperately and try to do something for their often unhappy life.

Let's divide homosexuals into groups. The first there are hermaphrodites from the birth. These persons combine both aspects of sexual life, they face with a very real problem and get into a difficult situation. The human ignorance and wrong education still aggravate this problem.

The second there are those having serious emotional problems after birth, they turned to homosexuality to allow these problems. It also includes the imitation homosexuality. A number of people of all classes try to imitate their heroes (if it is possible to use such term) and thus they have developed a bad sexual habits. This is one of the prevailing reasons today among many men and women, it is based on a very active imagination, plus a strong physical or sexual nature and impure curiosity. This category includes many of gays and lesbians, especially among young people alas.

But these two groups are very small in comparison with the third and the most important group. Homosexuality in this group is the result of old habits from the time of Lemuria and Atlantis. These are those who did not learn the necessary lessons of love, first of all the spiritual. They again and again get to such reality situations of life when it is necessary, making a choice towards true love, brotherly, spiritual, but they choose sexual relations, aggravating their problems. So the whole class of the people was created. They have a very excessive sexual sensuality and so can’t untie knots of the karma. In this group there are persons could not know everything learn without being homosexuals. In other words, they chose to come to this Earth in this life as homosexual.

Those who became the homosexual because of the unsuitability of desires, dissoluteness and debauchery, sexual perversion are the small fourth group. Before we go into that, let‘s first be aware of the fact there are millions of homosexuals in the world men and women. Some fines of this world have been homosexuals. But the average person has no idea that so many of their friends and heroes and leaders are not of the same thinking that they are.

In certain cities in the West the percentage is as high as ten per cent. Some surveys report even higher. In rural areas the percentage seems smaller, usually because the young homosexual girl or boy must find their own kind and since everyone knows all about everyone in a small community, it takes a lot for a person to remain in hostile country. Many people feel they can spot a homosexual any time or any place, but this is not true, even among homosexuals this is not true.

There are thousands of happily married men and women with very fine children who are homosexuals and who may or may not actively "act out" as the psychiatrists like to say. It is also false that a homosexual cannot make love to the opposite sex. But the homosexual does not have sex with the opposite sex usually because there is no interest, they feel more like brothers and sisters towards the opposite sex or just as friends. Many homosexuals are very sensitive people, they usually have a strong sense of morality and will not hop from bed to bed (except when young, but that applies to the heterosexual world too). They have an eternal search for a permanent lover once found, their lives are no different from the heterosexual.

Why would anyone choose to be born a homosexual? Unlike other group, they can learn certain things and get lessons on the Way. If one chose to be born black in an all- white country, or white in an all-black community one could learn how it feels to be in a minority group and learn things and feel things he couldn’t as one of the masses in that group. So also the homosexuals, except that the homosexual has a whole different set of problems to solve. For example, he can be put in jail just for being himself (in some places) he can lose his job, he can run out of town and can be subjected to a whole lot of very uncomfortable scenes from a very unenlightened heterosexual world.

The unenlightened heterosexual world feels they are just right, because this person is going against the laws of man and God. But let me state here very definitely that if it was God's will that he be such how can it be against His will? Contrary to the belief of most NO man can be made a homosexual if he isn't one, any more than any man can be made a heterosexual if he isn't one. True, any man or woman can try anything they might even participate for a short period of time witness the hustler and the prostitutes who will do anything for money but these are not what we are talking about.

For the average homosexual who once accepts himself in the right light, the greatest gift he receives is the understanding. He has developed through his own life-experiences a strong sensitivity to the feelings of others, he or she usually has a very strong moral sense because of the monumental soul searching needed to accept oneself under these conditions. He is able to do a great deal of good in this world because he has learned the need for discretion, the need for truth the need for an alert mind, the ability to “phsyc” out people quickly and accurately and to be able to assess a situation immediately. After all, his whole life has depended on this ability. Thus great leaders, warriors, businessmen, doctors and every field on this earth has been aided by gifts of the homosexual.

The Homosexual is usually given a great artistic and aesthetic gift or ability in which case they become writers, musicians, artists, they usually are sympathetic people, with a strong love of people as a whole thus they are great comforters. Consequently, with all these assets plus the fact that they are (if they wish to be) undetectable, they can travel through this world as can everyone else, doing much, much better, unimpeded as would perhaps a man born with a physical defect or a mental defect is being, which might cause people to shun him. Thus, if the homosexual will, he can make many points for himself in his development. For the record also, the crime rate among homosexuals is very very low. They are tolerant and not prone to physical violence, it is extremely rare to hear of rapes in the homosexual world seduction, perhaps, but even then it is rare in relation to the heterosexual world, primarily because the homosexual has a great need to love and be loved and thus cannot be found in rape or unwilling seduction.

Taking it all into consideration, we will tell: a homosexual is not always a lustful villain, as it is thought by many uninformed heterosexuals. Very often it happens because they just can’t understand why someone can love a person of the same sex. But look at it this way: it is necessary to be born a woman in some embodiments, to learn certain things. The next time you can be born a man. The main thing - is a person, not the physical body, in which Higher Self lives. Certainly, all physical feelings can involve an opposite sex in the usual image, therefore birth rate will not stop also the population of this world will not die out suddenly.

Besides, we are usually attracted to people who complement our personality and who can help us in life, it happens with a homosexual. All this is being written to make tolerant to each other. And now we will try to find the roots of homosexuality. Some persons try to prove that using unfair arguments this abnormality (as well as interest to it) is gradually becoming androgynous in its development, and a hermaphrodite will be appearing in the future. However, this is absolutely not right. Homosexuality is that we name a "relic" of the sexual excesses of Lemurian times, a birthmark, if you want.

Those egos which were individualized and embodied during that time show homosexual bents just now. The sexual appetite was so sharp at those days that usual sexual relations didn’t satisfy the insatiable desires of advanced people at that period. The strength of the soul, poured during the process of individuation, stimulated the lower centers.

Forbidden methods were practiced because of this. Those who practiced it at that time are embodied now in large numbers, and old habits are strong in them. Now they are quite far along the way of evolution, so healing means were already ready - if they will want to use it. However, it is well-known that among so-called "people of artistic type" especially singers, homosexuality is very extended (they subconsciously feel that it is necessary to sing, and to lift energy from the sacral center to throat). I speak "so-called" because the rather creative person is not a victim of these ancient contributing habits.

You can see from the above that homosexuality has its roots in astral or sensual body, in the body of desires. Very few of them have a mental source. Probably, it will be better to tell they are not based on malicious thoughts of a person's thoughts, certainly, evil can be enhanced by it.

The homosexuals must understand that it is not constant phenomenon, although it is so long-lasting, and it would be temporary and it is necessary to get rid of by an eminence of the consciousness. It is one of the best methods. Otherwise, this class of people can’t simply continue the evolution on our planet. After all, at the peak of the sixth Indigo race, sex will be applied only to conception, and in the seventh race it will be no necessary.

And those who are engaged in it from debauchery it is desirable to remember the history of cities Sodom and Gomorrah.

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