Personal horoscope

Those who likes an astrology can make own horoscope - natal chart, see the position of the planets and its aspects. Astrology is a difficult science. And fans would not go into details, however, recommend that you look at the position of the Ascending node(North Node) in your natal chart, in the sign and house. This position will show you the way of application of forces, in what direction to move better.

Nodes of the Moon are not a physical bodies and have not a weight as a planet. Nodes indicates in the space the intersection of two orbits: the Ecliptic - the apparent path of the Sun around the Earth and the orbit of the Moon. The Ascending node shows the goals of the current incarnation of the person, the programme of spiritual development at this stage of life and his karma.

If there was no Moon nodes, our development will go in a circle, but nodes allow us to move to a new level of development, to break the vicious chain of karma. But if a person from incarnation to incarnation does that moves in a circle, does not wish to free from the grip of the Descending node, it will lead to irreversible fatal situations (if a donkey tied to a peg and walk all the time in a circle he will be strangle).

Check of correctness of the path occurs during the return of the nodes of the Moon through 18,75 years. If the nodes of the Moon have a conjunction with a planet their influence is more stonger.